The Avon Public Schools follows legal requirements to ensure the safety and security of all students and staff while using any technology resource. We review privacy policies and terms of service regularly to ensure that each resource conforms with legal requirements and local guidelines.

The Connecticut Student Data Privacy Act (PA 16-189) was enacted to provide transparency to the school community on the sharing of student data with third party service providers and to put in place minimum contractual requirements to safeguard student privacy. This law only applies to services contracted after September 30, 2016. Services contracted before this date were reviewed to ensure compliance with FERPA.

Important Information

What needs to be reviewed and approved?

Any resources that have student or employee data that is physically or virtually stored outside of the property or internal network of the Avon Public Schools;

Any addition to resources, any Vendor, Contractor, or Consultant;

Any Vendor, Contractor, or Consultant with access to Student Data. This is now mandatory for compliance with legal requirements.

What constitutes Student Data?

Student Records- any non aggregated information directly related to a student that can be acquired through the use of educational software or systems.

Student Information - any personally identifiable information or material of a student's created in any media or format that is not publicly available.

Student Generated Content- any materials created by a student.

How often are Policies and Contracts reviewed and approved?

The new Connecticut Law 16-189 requires all contracts renewed or created after October 1, 2016 to follow strict provisions, including notifying parents and students affected within 5 business days after execution of the contract. The district will review and communicate approval status at the start of each month. Unique contracts that impact special education students will be reviewed for approval as needed to remain in compliance with a child's IEP.

Who is contacted and how?

Parents and students affected are notified within 5 business days and a public notification is posted to the district website. Announcement of the contract plus the contract itself are also posted on this site and linked to from the district homepage.

Approved Technology Resources