Child Find Procedures

In accordance with federal regulations, state and local board of education policy, Avon Public Schools assumes the responsibility for the location, identification and referral of all children requiring special education and/or related services from birth through age 22.

The Avon child identification process is coordinated by the Department of Pupil Services and the Avon Preschool program. They utilize a variety of community resources and conduct many systematic activities in its efforts to identify children requiring special services. For children birth to 4 years of age, please contact Tiffany Fox at 860-404-4710. Children of Kindergarten age through age 22 should be referred to the school they would normally attend.

How's Your Child Doing?

The Bureau of Special Education is pleased to announce a new partnership with the Office of Early Childhood and Sparkler that will help all Connecticut children get off to a strong start.

Sparkler is a free app for families that can be used as a developmental screening tool, a source for activities to support child development, and assists parents with making connections with professionals. Sparkler engages families to promote healthy early childhood development. Sparkler offers:

  1. Tracking tools to monitor children's social-emotional, cognitive, communication, and physical development, including the Ages and Stages Questionnaires®.
  2. Content that helps parents/caregivers support their children's learning and development. Sparkler has a library of 1500+ play-based learning activities developed by early childhood educators, and is adding more all the time.
  3. Messaging tools to give parents/caregivers advice and support.

Watch this brief video for an introduction to Sparkler Welcome to Sparkler!

Get started with Sparkler!

Download: If you have an Android smartphone or tablet, download Sparkler from the Google Play Store. If you use an iPhone or iPad, download Sparkler from the Apple App Store.

Register: Open the app and tap "Create a New Account." Enter Avon as your provider key. Pick Family/Familia in the "Group" drop-down menu. Answer the questions to create an account for yourself and a profile for your child. You must enter your child's birthday correctly because Sparkler assigns screenings and other content based on your child's age. You'll be asked for a "provider key" to link you with your school/provider. Please skip this step for now!

Questions? Please email Sparkler at [email protected].