Avon Public Schools Curriculum

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Curriculum Mission

Our mission is to inspire in each student a joy and passion for learning and a commitment to excellence, personal integrity, and social responsibility.

The Avon Public Schools PreK-12 curriculum fosters and supports the district mission statement by:

  • Clearly defining a viable expectation of what students should know, understand, and be able to do across the grade levels, based on discipline-specific standards (state or national)
  • Providing students with learning experiences that are balanced, relevant, and rigorous within grade levels and content areas
  • Utilizing varied resources to differentiate instruction and accommodate a variety of learning modalities and needs
  • Engaging students in problem solving, critical thinking, collaboration, creativity, innovation, imagination, and leadership so students can be successful in their aspirations within and beyond the school community
  • Promoting systems and strategies that foster safe, positive, healthy, culturally competent, and inclusive learning environments that address students' varied needs and improve educational outcomes for all
  • Embracing an on-going curriculum process that reflects new understandings and an ever-changing society