Messages from the Superintendent:

November 23, 2015

Dear Parents, Staff and Concerned Citizens:

As we approach the end of our first trimester, I would like to take this opportunity to provide you with an overview of the newly revised K-6 report card that is being piloted this school year.  This report card was developed by Assistant Superintendent, Donna Nestler-Rusack, Ed.D. in collaboration with a number of district teachers.

The revised report card is designed to:

  • Reflect grade level standards and expectations based on recently revised curricula
  • Allow for careful and precise monitoring of student achievement
  • Promote detailed and meaningful conversations at parent conferences
  • Provide specific data to inform instruction

When viewing the report card, you will see what we want students to know and be able to do in each grade level clustered into indicators.  The indicators are the bold, capitalized headings.  Each of the indicators will receive a student performance level grade.  In addition, listed under the indicators are sub-indicators that further detail or define the content/skills associated with the indicator.

There are four student performance levels on the report card:

  1. Excels:  demonstrates advanced thinking and understanding of content and skills; easily transfers and applies learning to new situations; consistently produces high quality work
  2. Meets:  demonstrates solid understanding of content and skills; produces quality work
  3. Approaching:  demonstrates understanding of content and skills with some areas of difficulty; quality of work is inconsistent
  4. Below:  demonstrates weak understanding of content and skills with numerous areas of difficulty; requires targeted instruction in deficit areas; quality of work is poor

If a student’s performance is Approaching or Below grade level expectations, his/her area(s) of weakness will be noted with an X, next to the sub-indicator(s).  Not all of the indicators and/or sub-indicators are assessed in every marking period.  Those that are not being assessed are noted by N/A and have been pre-determined by the staff for consistency across grade levels district wide.  The same format exists for all academics, personal and social development, work habits and the unified arts.

In addition to this document, another resource available for understanding the new report card is a short video that can be accessed at Your child’s teachers and administrators can also provide further clarity.

We hope this revised report card will provide parents and guardians with valuable insight into their child’s performance.  

I remain very truly yours,
Gary S. Mala
Superintendent of Schools
Avon Public Schools