Avon Public Schools
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Gary S. Mala


March 18, 2015

Dear Parents, Staff and Concerned Citizens:

I hope this message finds you well, having enjoyed a wonderful Spring Break.  Thank you again for your patience as we
navigated the winter season.  As of the date of this communication, the last official day of school for this year is
Tuesday, June 16. 

If the weather cooperates and spares us from any additional closure days, I expect that at its April Regular Meeting, the
Board of Education will vote to set the graduation date for the Avon High School Class of 2015 as June 16.

As has been previously announced in past messages, a number of Board of Education policies have been reviewed and
revised to better serve students and to comply with state laws.  To date, the following polices have been voted on and
approved for implementation in the 2015-2016 school year.  More specific information regarding these two policies and
the specific changes to each will be the topic of special messages sent directly to you in the very near future.

Policy # & Title                                                             Reason for Review and/or Revision

#6052 High School Promotion and Graduation           Comply with Change to CT General Statutes
#6072 School Attendance                                           Comply with Change to CT General Statutes

The policy that continues to be under review and consideration is listed below.  As is the practice of the district and the
Policy Subcommittee of the Board of Education, a copy of the most current draft policy being considered by the Board
of Education at its next meeting is listed on the district website. 

Policy # & Title                                                             Reason for Review and/or Revision

#6020 Basis for Grading – Avon High School              Change Levels of Courses

The most recent version of policy #6020 is assessable using the following link.

If after reading the policies you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to send them to Christopher Tranberg,
Principal, Avon High School at, Donna Nestler-Rusack, Ed.D. Assistant Superintendent for
Teaching and Learning at, or me at

Thank you for your continued support of your schools and enjoy a great week.

I remain very truly yours,


Gary S. Mala
Superintendent of Schools
Avon Public Schools