January 16, 2015

Dear Parents, Staff and Concerned Citizens:

It is my privilege to communicate with you once again and wish you the very best for a restful, long weekend.

As a means of keeping updated about the most recent polices being reviewed and revised by the Board of Education, the following list is being provided for your review. Copies of all district polices and the proposed changes to those listed below are included under the Board of Education link on the school district website at www.avon.k12.ct.us.

Policy # & Title                                            Reason for Review and/or Revision

#3517  Security of Buildings and Grounds           Regular Revision Scheduled

#6000  School Entrance Age                                Comply with Change to CT                                                                                   General Statues

#6020  Basis for Grading – Avon High School      Change Levels of Courses

#6052  High School Promotion and Graduation    Comply with Change to CT                                                                                  General Statues

#6072  School Attendance                                     Comply with Change to CT                                                                                  General Statues

On an unrelated matter, it has been brought to my attention that there is some confusion being expressed on various social media sites regarding what is now the anticipated last day for this school year.  Given the most recent school closure this past Monday, the last day of school as of today is June 11, 2015.  Unlike past years when there were school breaks scheduled in February and April, the Board of Education policy directed how school closure days would be made up during these breaks.  This school year, school closures are simply made up by adding days to the end of the approved school calendar.

Last and certainly not least, Monday marks the recognition of the Martin Luther King holiday.  As we all know, Dr. King was one of the most prolific civil rights leaders in our nation’s history and to whom many commonly refer when studying leaders and leadership behaviors. 

I am very pleased to reaffirm today that Dr. King’s dream of equality remains very much alive and well within our Avon schools.  Developing each student’s individuality, maintaining academic environments that support freedom of expression, providing for innovation and opportunities for problem solving and allowing students to pursue their dreams in a manner of their choosing are fundamental to our work.  It is because of our commitment to building a stronger culture and climate in our schools that we are closer than ever before to walking hand in hand in the most diverse world we have known.  

I, too, have a dream that we will continue to celebrate all that we have in common while learning from those things that make us uniquely different.        

Thank you for your continued support of your schools and enjoy a great weekend.

I remain very truly yours,


Gary S. Mala

Superintendent of Schools

Avon Public Schools