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Thompson Brook School PTO

Thompson Brook School logo

Please visit the TBS PTO Website at:

Who's Who in the TBS PTO

The 2021-2022 Board was elected June 9, 2021:

  • Co-Presidents: TBD
  • Treasurer: Dave Shepard
  • Volunteers Co-Directors: Melissa Bender and Leslie Cunningham
  • Fundraising Co-Directors: Kara Lynch and Jen Cassidy
  • Activities Director: Lana Vorona
  • Communications Co-Directors: Erika Evanko and Beth Mango
  • Secretary: Leah Schaff

The PTO's email address is and links to the Communication Co-Directors, who manage the PTO website. 


Directions to get into Konstella 
Click the button above to read about Konstella and stay connected with the PTO



TBS Events

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