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Blazer's Bulletin May 2019

Dear RBS Family,

Just like a roller coaster, school years don’t so much “begin to wrap up” as they roll up and down and up and down again… and then just kind of abruptly STOP! And so it goes as we head into the final weeks of school year 2018-2019, with the Memorial Day weekend ahead of us, and just over 15 days of school to go!

This is a comparatively abbreviated Blazer’s Bulletin as we’ll share out our “send-off note” right before the year ends, but I do want to keep you fully up to date on a number of “good news” kinds of things! Every new school year brings with it changes, and due to fluctuating numbers of sections and our continued efforts to keep class sizes down, I’m pleased to share that Ms. Traci Protz is moving from Kindergarten up to Grade One in the fall, Ms. Michele Lemis goes from Grade Two up to Grade Three, and Mrs. Lynne Zemaitis moves from Grade Four down to Kindergarten! This means that next year we will have 5 Kindergarten and Grade One classrooms, 4 Grade two classrooms (as that is a comparatively small group), 6 Grade Three classrooms (this due to that specific cohort growing quite large!), and 4 Fourth Grades (again, due to this being a comparatively smaller group). I’m appreciative to have a caring, professional staff excited to take on these grade level changes, and I am confident our children will benefit as a result!

Someone who has made a career out of making sure that kids benefit from the best possible decisions is the other big news I have to share. After 41 years in education, our beloved Assistant Principal, Mr. Larry Sparks, will be retiring at the end of this school year. Throughout his work across the entire grade level continuum – from three-year old’s up to high-school graduates, Larry has been a deeply committed, reflective, and indelibly positive member of every school community he’s been a part of. And as the guy who gets to work shoulder to shoulder with him nearly every day, he is perhaps the single most compassionate individual I have ever come across, and an outstanding partner for the three years that I’ve been able to serve together with him. I count him as a friend, colleague, and an incredibly talented school administrator, and we are wishing him the absolute best as he heads off to whatever his next wonderful adventure in retirement will be!

As the year wraps up, we’ll keep you apprised regarding any new hires (including a new Assistant Principal). And in the meantime, enjoy the Memorial Day long weekend (with a big thank you to our Veterans and many military families), and I can’t wait for an energetic, positive end to our year!

Noam, Larry, and the whole RBS team