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Blazer's Bulletin March 2018

March 16, 2018

Dear RBS Family,

My own family is very “birthday heavy” this time of year – my Gabi turned 8 last month, my little guy Lucas turned 5 (5!! – how does that happen!?) last week, and my mother hits a very big milestone that starts with 7 at the start of April. Talking with her about any particular gifts she was hoping for, my father chimed in, asking for one of those flying drones, and made a comment about how “these things fly so high these days you could practically see into the future!...” To which Jacqueline somewhat sharply responded, “Hey, at our age, hon, do we really want to see into the future??!!”

We all had a good laugh about it, and it caused me to reflect on our lives here at RBS, especially during conference week (well, “weeks” this year, with our never-ending-winter!), and how so much of those conversations go towards, in some sense, our attempts to “see into the future.” Looking forward, we always hope and wish that our kids are first and foremost healthy and safe, of course, but after that, I bet many of us would probably say we hope they’re “happy,” right?

The tricky thing is, what exactly does happy mean when we’re talking about our kids? That next video game, or American Girl doll, might be the answer our kiddos would provide, and not to say there’s anything wrong with that, but those kinds of material gifts provide typically temporary moments of joy (followed by the request for the next gift!...); not that lasting sense of fulfillment and deeper happiness that comes from understanding our real impact in the world! Which brings us to an important task for the RBS community this coming week – a week we’re terming “RACK Week” – Real Acts of Caring and Kindness.

As you might know, our RBS students have been tackling various “focus words” this year, and for the month of March, we’ve been thinking about how we demonstrate caring towards each other. We’ve been talking about the ways we show caring behaviors to friends, to our family, and to our school. We’re discussing how acts of kindness makes the recipients feel, and even how the “giver” feels – and that’s among the most important parts of a focus on caring – that being a caring, kind person can bring far more happiness than that new “Mario Kart”….! And that’s a hope I have for our kids – that we’re helping them grow them into those caring and kind individuals who pick up a friend’s dropped backpack, set the table at home without being asked, or notice a peer looking down and asking, “What’s going on? Can I help?”

Ask your children about RACK Week, and how they’re demonstrating real and meaningful acts of caring and kindness – it’s one of those things where, truly, everyone wins!

A couple quick updates/reminders: tonight is RBS Movie Night, 5:30 – 7:30 PM, and next week we’ll run a “regular” schedule (nor’easters, stay away!!) except for Thursday, March 22nd, which will be an early (11:50 AM) dismissal for our students, and the make-up conference day/evening because of the weather issues last week.