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Blazer's Bulletin 9/11/20

Dear RBS Family,

The first day of school for my own two kids was just yesterday, and they, probably like nearly all our children, had the “night-before-anxious-tummies,” the fretting about “are these the right kind of shoes to wear?” and, more specific to this year, the many many questions about “what will school really look like…”? And happily, when I pulled into the garage yesterday evening, they both bounded down the stairs, raced up to the car and announced in big voices “It was the BEST DAY!!!” The anxiety we have all felt this year - for so many reasons - of course doesn’t just get swept away by us opening our doors, but on some levels, the normalcy of having students walking the hallways, learning from their teachers (be it here, or remote), seeing friends, laughing about a read aloud or kicking a playground ball in our field…Put simply, I think all our hearts have soared these past two weeks!

Thank you for your continued support as we DO navigate the many changes implicit in this fall’s experiences. We’ve gotten so many things right (namely, creating the safe environment needed for our students and staff to do their best work, while also making school as “normal” as possible), and also have work to do in others (our remote experiences, we know, have been challenging at times; please know there is a ton of work going on behind the scenes to continue to improve that; more specific details on that coming shortly). And through it all, our RBS students have been absolute champs – experts at mask-wearing, pro’s at carrying desk shields to lunch, true professionals at logging in to their Google Classrooms – and doing so with the care, smiles, and kindness that I see each and every day here at the ‘Brook. This weekend, whatever you do, please do take the time to relax and congratulate your children and yourselves on making this very unusual start a truly amazing string of “BEST DAY’s!”

A few details/updates as we wrap up Friday:

  •        A reminder that next week is a full five day week, with Cohort One full days on Monday and Tuesday, a Remote day for all on Wednesday, and Cohort Two full days on Thursday and Friday.
  •        Students will continue to have a different Special (Art, Music, Wellness, Library, and Spanish) each week during the hybrid phase. Please note that Specials classes are currently not being live streamed. Both hybrid and fully remote learners should check their Specials teachers’ Google Classroom for their lesson topic and skills, and any classwork/assignments. Students are encouraged to work on these and/or practice their skills during their normal Specials times but are free to work on the assignments/skills during the time that best suits their schedule. Activities/skill work and/or assignments are due at the end of each week.
  •     *Please note that there will be an opportunity this coming Wednesday for students to log into their Specials’ Google Meet. Classroom teachers will remind their students.
  •      As we begin to roll into a more or less regular routine, a reminder about our parking lot: Please please use our crosswalk if you are walking your child to our front door, and if you are driving through our drop-off line, please know that if you need to get out of your car (i.e. to unbuckle your child, etc.), I would very much appreciate it if you could park in one of our spaces to do so (this helps keep traffic flowing).

May you all enjoy a great weekend!
-Noam, Susan, and the RBS Team