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Blazer's Bulletin

Blazer's Bulletin 10/16/20

Dear RBS Family,

As I’ve said to some of you out loud (and this has been a mantra in my head since June…), our planning – this year – is more or less ‘month to month.’ And so it’s such a wonderfully positive feeling to know that we’re halfway through month two of this school year, and, well, we’re not just ‘surviving’ here at RBS – we’re thriving! What a treat it was to see over 40 families at our first-ever “Virtual PTO Meeting” – there are silver linings to everything, and if I can’t see some of you as much face-to-face as we’re used to, at least we are still able to connect, share, and celebrate the many great things occurring this year. Some of the highlights of our conversation last night, and a few new updates:

-          As we continue to work at improving processes in this year of many different ones, we have given each of our students a laminated name tag to attach to their lanyard. We are using this as part our dismissal procedures to help make the ‘sign out’ process quicker at both buses and for our in-person pick-ups. Please make sure that your children are returning to school their lanyards/name-tags, as they will be used each day. Thank you for your help here!

-          We spend some time last night talking about “when to send our kids to school if they’re not feeling their best” in our COVID-age. The rule of thumb is pretty simple this year: if you’re wondering, keep ‘em home. While I am always a strong advocate for consistent attendance, this is not the year to be striving for that perfect record! I’m attaching to this a separate document from the Farmington Valley Health District that gives guidelines/protocols both for making sure students are safe and ready to attend school and what to do if there is an infection in your family, etc.

-          Related to that, one of the conversations we are having with our staff is how best to support students that are out. If your child has the regular-ole-kid-cold and they’re out for a day or two, then we’d handle it the way we always have in the past – by making sure they have time to rest and get better, and then catching them up when they return. However, we know this year we will have longer absence situations – a week, or even a couple of weeks. In that case, our classroom teachers will first reach out directly to you to see how best we can help (in part because let’s say you’re dealing with – and I hate to say this, a serious medical concern) – it may be that we’re just ‘available whenever you’re ready.’ But if you/your child is up for it, we’re also ready to provide versions of live instruction together with practice work provided by your child’s classroom teacher that best fit your family (and the grade level that we’re talking about).

May the weekend bring us all some sun and a chance to catch our breath – be well!


-Noam, Susan, and the whole RBS Team