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Blazer's Bulletin

June 17, 2019

Dear RBS Family,

One of the most enjoyable parts of this job, beyond, of course, being able to play at least a small role in helping our fantastic students grow, learn, and progress!, is the cyclical nature of the our roles – a fresh start every fall, and the culmination of a year of success as we head into summer. It’s a fantastic feeling – talking with our fourth graders about their favorite experiences, sitting with our Kindergartners at lunchtime and seeing that they too, now, can open up a milk container on their ownJ! Our final dismissal of this school year is now just an hour or so away (reminder: we have an 11:50 AM dismissal for K-4, 11:30 AM for PK), and with it the celebration of 180 days completed, Kindergartners moving up to Grade One, Fourth graders moving on to a whole new building, and so on.

I hope these 180 days were filled with many moments of success, and no doubt also occasional times of frustration – learning and growing is hard work! But at the end of the day as I’ve said at the end of each of my years working with you, I am deeply proud of our students, our staff, and you – our RBS family – who have worked together in the shared responsibility that is public education to create the best possible environment for our kids! I’m also pleased that when we return at the end of August, your students will be coming back to a building with some notable updates. We’ll be finishing the locker replacements and hallway painting, working on a significant front façade improvement with new landscaping and front-entrance enhancements, and replacing our school intercom system for clearer communications around the building!

We also have a number of exciting staffing announcements to make! In addition to the already-shared grade-level moves on the part of several of our existing staff, I’m thrilled to give a big RBS welcome to Mrs. Leigh Boudreau, who is joining us as our fifth Special Education Resource teacher, and an RBS congrats to Mrs. Suzanne DelGallo, who is deservedly moving from the split/part-time Art position to the full time position, filling Mrs. Hovey’s proverbial big shoes! Mrs. Kathryn-Ann O’Brien will take Suzanne’s part-time spot, and be shared with PGS. We will also be welcoming a substantial increase in paraeducators spread across our grade levels in the fall (I’ll share their names when finalized); this is to better support the student needs that we’ve seen over time, and will help the experiences of all of our students. We will also be welcoming, together with all APS schools, a full time security guard in the fall. And last but certainly not least, we have already begun the interview process for those other really big shoes to fill, that of Mr. Sparks! Again, I’ll keep you in the loop as we work to select the next fantastic Assistant Principal for Roaring Brook School!

A couple of “business” items – first, if you are not returning to RBS (other than our outgoing fourth graders, of course!), please make sure that you submit to Kathy or Peggy in the office the official withdrawal forms that are attached to this e-mail. Second, I’m passing along a district-supported link – a fun, meaningful way to support math over the summer (check it out here at

In the meantime, it’s time, as I like to say this time of year, for “more ice-cream and fewer alarm-clocks,” for more family-moments and I hope for all of us, less worries. The summer brings opportunities that we hope help us (better…) balance that crazy work-life-parenting thing that likely none of us reading this would say we’re all that great at! I hope to see you around – around town, maybe “down the Shore,” or, at the very least, just relaxing and taking a few breaths. As we’ve always do, you’ll receive a mid-summer update from me with our back-to-school plans, but don’t rush that... Instead, from the whole RBS team, we send you our thanks for sending us your very best, and warm wishes and hopes for a great break!

Noam, Larry, and the whole RBS Team