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Blazer's Bulletin

Blazer's Bulletin 12/19/19


Dear RBS Family,

I’ve been a pretty-much-lifelong Bruce Springsteen fan – his music and the storytelling implicit in it are speak to beautifully about life and, well, “Growin’ Up!” One favorite, “Ties that Bind,” always seems to strike a particular chord this time of year – the connections and traditions we have, and that evolve, over the years, seems especially meaningfully as we arrive at the winter holidays.

I had a wonderful moment of “tying things together” last weekend at a road race in Glastonbury. This “Santa’s Run” has been an extended family tradition, and the organizers, this year, put out posters of runners from each year the race has been run, dating all the way back to the 1970’s. And wouldn’t you know that there’s a photo from 1987, of my own father, crossing the finish line! Doing some quick math, I realized he was actually younger in that photo than I am today, so, it was beyond joyful, in 2019, for me to be running with my six-year-old Lucas; three generations of Sturm family tradition, connected over 3-plus decades, via a holiday-themed road race. I hope, with the winter break just a few days away, you all have a chance to connect and build memories with those that matter most to you!

A few updates before you (and we!) do so:

-          First, we said goodbye to Mrs. Nicole Nielsen, one of our wonderful members of the Special Education resource team, a short time ago. After many years of a tedious commute, Nicole accepted a position much closer to her home. We are deeply appreciative of her service, and wish her well! We are in the process of finalizing the details of a replacements; more to come in the New Year!

-          We’ve also welcomed two individuals to our PK program as paraeducators – first, a brand new face with Ms. Beth Andrews, and a big “welcome back” to Ms. Heidi Hjelle – we’re thrilled to have them supporting the littlest members of the RBS family!

-          As we work to continue to expand support where needed across the building, we’ve also begun a hiring process to add an additional Teaching Assistant to our roster - more to come, again, in the New Year!

-          No easy segue here, but as part of the holidays, with many of us traveling and visiting friends and family, this tends to be a more frequent time when we see – much as I hate to say it! – cases of lice appear. Trying something I haven’t done in the past, let’s see if we can be more proactive this year – and let’s do so by reminding our families that checking our kids’ hair regularly can help prevent any issues this winter. Thanks for your help here!

-          Many thanks to our parent volunteers helping out earlier this week at the RBS “Hour of Code” – students in many of classrooms enjoyed a series of hands on activities designed to promote learning and participation in the basics of computer science!

-          We hosted our final safety drill of 2019 – a practice lockdown drill, with help from Avon PD – as is always the case here, we “passed” the practice drill with flying colors.

-          And finally, while you probably won’t hear “Thunder Road,” we’re thrilled to showcase our Grade Four Chorus and Orchestra at our annual winter concert, this Thursday at 7:00 PM here at RBS!

Please remember that all Avon Public Schools are closed Monday, December 23rd through January 1st for the holiday break, and we’ll return together, kicking off the New Year, on Thursday, January 2nd. May you and yours have a wonderful vacation, and we all have “High Hopes” (okay, okay, last Springsteen reference J) for a fantastic 2020!

Sending you our best,

Noam, Susan, and the whole RBS Team!