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A Warm “Welcome Back” From Roaring Brook School

Ever since we closed our doors last March, we’ve been planning in one form or another to – you guessed it – reopen them! We are thrilled to welcome back our amazing RBS students and families, and our teachers and staff have been hard at work setting everyone up for success. Our goal for these first few weeks is to ensure our students feel – and are – safe, that they feel joyous and happy to return to a more ‘regular’ school schedule, and then, are excited to jump back into their learning! Of course, it is something of a different year – here’s a set of updates to get us started next week!

So what exactly is the schedule for these first few days of school?

The first week of school follows our half-day schedule – 8:30 AM – 11:50 AM for K-4 students, and 9:00 AM – 11:30 AM for PK students.

  • Cohort 1 starts with us on Monday, August 31st 
  • Cohort 2 begins on Tuesday, September 1st!
  • Wednesday, September 2nd is a fully remote day for all learners.
  • Then, Thursday Sept. 3rd is Cohort 2 (yes, again! )
  • and we wrap up the week on Friday with Cohort 1

What does arrival and dismissal look like?

Arrival won’t change much at all from past years – students arriving by bus will arrive in our bus circle – our staff will be there to greet them and send them into our building. All our teachers will be in their classrooms, with plenty of support staff to get them where they are going (we realize this will be the first time in the building for some of our students!). If you are dropping off your children, please pull up to our front drop off area (the parking lot closest to the office) and we’ll help them out of the car and into the building, same as our “busers!” If you need to park your car, of course feel free to do so. Be aware that of course we cannot allow parents/families into the building, but a hug and kiss by the door to get your little one in, of course !

What do I need to know about Chromebooks?

All students attending RBS in-person will receive a Chromebook. If your child is fully remote and would like a Chromebook, please contact Tony Cabrera at; he will set this up! If you have an APS Chromebook from last year, please bring it to school on the first day you are in-person – you child can continue to use it, we just need to make sure our inventory is up to date! Finally, and new this year, you can also have your child bring in a personal device if you wish!


And technology as it relates to learning in general?

As we enter a school year that will look different than any other, we have a much stronger focus on remote learning, which has changed the way our teachers deliver instruction. We have secured additional resources and technologies to provide the best possible learning environment for our students. Within our first few weeks, all of us will be working together to determine what works best in terms of connecting with our students who are learning at home (while we also provide instruction to the students who are present in our classrooms), including how we will project our screens while we also have students live on our laptops, and how we communicate with our students at home through their computer microphones and ours. We do not expect any of it to work seamlessly at first, as we all need to truly work with the technology and the students in a new way so that we can troubleshoot issues. As such, we ask for your patience and understanding as our students and staff become comfortable and fluent in this new learning environment. Thank you for supporting our staff as we navigate new procedures and methods; mostly we just want to get to know your child, not spend hours behind screens!

What about lunches/snacks?

With so much to go over in a short period of time, the first days (Monday and Tuesday) will not have defined lunch times; however, you are most definitely welcome to send your child in with snacks to eat as the morning goes on. We will also be offering a bagged lunch to take home, as this will be convenient and helpful for some of our families! On Thursday and Friday, our students will begin lunch in their classroom, while also learning from their teacher the process for using the café (and bagged lunches will again be available). We’ll segue to a “regular” lunch schedule for all when we return after the Labor Day Weekend on Tuesday, Sept. 8th.

Water bottles?

Please do send your child with a labeled water bottle. Our water fountains are turned off for sanitary reasons, but we’ve added bottle-fillers at multiple points around the building!

And Backpacks?

Students can absolutely bring backpacks. I had made a ‘thinking-out-loud’ reflection in the mid-summer video (the one with my own kids) about ‘keeping things simple’ and perhaps not using backpacks to reduce hallway congestions, etc.; the reality is that for most kids, that’s not really practical; feel free to bring ‘em!

I ordered school supplies through the PTO….

Great! They’re at the building, in our classrooms. and your child will receive the box of supplies on their first day!

Room Numbers

Not that your child needs to memorize (or even do anything with this), but if it is helpful, here are all our classroom room numbers for that first day !


Arigoni Room 202

Galliher Room 203

Mason Room 200

Shea Room 201

Sinatro Room 205

Grade One

Cartona Room 206

Fenn Room 208

McClave Room 209

Protz Room 204

Schaller Room 207

Grade Two

Cutler Room 302

Lemis Room 303

Pereira Room 301

Pirla Room 305

Riley Room 300

Grade Three

Caselli Room 407

Henderson Room 411

Krusz Room 408

Zacchio Room 410

Grade Four

Kelly Room 404

Kuhrt Room 409

Lurate Room 403

McDonnell Room 406

Wall Room 405

Zemaitis Room 401






                                                   RBS New Dismissal Procedure

What does the end of the day look like?

Student dismissal is a little tweaked this year, as you might imagine! For our students who ride the bus, our teachers will review procedures and expectations and help ensure they safely and efficiently head down to their correct bus (we’ll have lots of staff in hallways, and then ‘checking-off’ students as they get onto each bus to help make this happen!), and have an efficient ride home. While there was some earlier guidance that all students would load the bus from back to front only, we happily have received permission to keep our Kindergarten students at the front of the bus, regardless of when they load. Kindergarteners who have older siblings should ride together as a family cohort at the front of the bus if possible.

For families who will be picking their child up:

  • Please park in our front lot (to avoid the bus traffic in the lower level lot). You may also park on the grass right off of Old Wheeler Lane if the lot itself fills up.
  • Please then walk up to the table that will be set up outside our front office to check in with Mrs. Alexander (or another helpful staff member); particularly important at the start of the school year as we get to know each other, have an ID ready as you check in! Follow standard/expected social distancing protocols as you line up.
  • Upon check in, our staff will then radio into the building to send your child(ren) outside. They will head outside from the doors that are utilized by our PK students/staff – you’ll keep walking ‘north’ from our front doors to that location, and that is where another staff member will send students out that “PK” door to meet you.

Then you’re good to go!

Remember that dismissal on half days (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday of this coming week) for our K-4 students is at 11:50 AM. However, given the changes we’ve made in protocol, we will begin our dismissal procedures a little before that time; please feel free to arrive and begin to check in at 11:30 if you want to (no need to, just if you want!)

Thanks – again! – for your care and attention – and can’t wait to see you, virtually or in person, this coming week!


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