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Welcome to Avon Public Schools

to register a new student
Avon utilizes an online registration process, which involves multiple steps. To begin the process, please click on the link below to complete and submit the initial pre-registration form for your child(ren). Once this form is received, you will be contacted via email by the Registrar's Office with the necessary instructions to verify proof of your child's identity and proof of your residency. Once this step is completed you will then be directed to complete the Avon Enrollment Packet.

Please use this link to access the survey: Enrollment Express Registration Form

Children whose 5th birthday falls on or before January 1, 2022 are eligible to attend kindergarten in the 2021 - 2022 school year. To register your child for kindergarten, please refer to the information listed above for registering a new student.

Individuals traveling or moving into Connecticut from another state or country, may be required to self-quarantine based on the State of Connecticut Executive Order No. 9I. Below is the link to Connecticut’s Travel Advisory website, which lists states or countries requiring self-quarantining. This list is updated on a weekly basis every Tuesday.

Please use this link to access the travel advisory: State of Connecticut Travel Advisory

For proof of your child's identity, you will need one of the following:

  • original U.S. birth certificate, or
  • current U.S. passport, or
  • foreign original birth certificate with a current passport


For proof of your residency, you will need one set of the following:

  • current signed lease and utility bill, or
  • mortgage statement and utility bill, or
  • warranty deed/title and utility bill

    Items must show parent(s) name(s) as well as current address.

State of Connecticut Department of Education Health Assessment Record for Kindergarten to 12 grades. 
To access Health Assessment form, please click image below:

Health Assessment Record


Please complete the Change of Information Form and bring the required documentation to the Registration Office.  

  • Change of Information Form 
    • Documentation required for change of address - current utility bill showing new address plus current mortgage bill with new address; or current utility bill plus valid rental agreement; or current utility bill plus warranty deed.  A recent email from utility company showing name, new address and start of services will also be accepted if a utility bill is not yet available.
    • Documentation required for legal name change - legal court order of name change or an original copy of the changed birth certificate showing new name.

Frequently Asked Questions