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PowerSchool for grades 7-12. Find grades, attendance, class schedules or update your contact information and more.

Powerschool Login button will take you to login area within 3rd party PowerSchool website.

Have Questions? View PowerSchool Parent Portal Frequently Asked Questions below.


How do I access/use the parent portal?

Follow the directions in the how-to handouts. The aforementioned resources are intended to answer any how-to questions about the portal.

What if I forget my username or password?

Go to and click on the link “Having trouble signing in?” It will send your username and password to the email address listed for your account.

Can anyone get access to the parent portal?

Only parents/guardians listed as having custody or legal guardianship can access a child’s information. To setup your login, you will need to obtain your child(ren)’s unique access ID and access password (This information is typically mailed to all parents once a child is enrolled. If you need another copy, we can give you one at your child’s school with a photo ID).

What information is included in the parent portal?

Grades (overall and individual assignments), attendance, class schedule, and general information. You can also update your parent contact information and sign-up for automated emails. The parent portal only includes information for students in grades 7-12.

What technology do I need?

The portal is accessible from any computer/device with Internet access.

I have multiple children at the Middle School and High School; do I need multiple usernames?

No. You can create one login that accesses all of your children. To add another child to your account, log into the parent portal; then click on “Account Preferences” on left side; then click on the tab for “students”, and then click on the “add” button and type in the required information.

Are parents required to use the parent portal?

No. We hope the portal will enhance communication with parents/guardians, but it is only one of many ways we week to support home-school communication.

Do students have their own logins?

Yes. Each student receives a unique student login that provides more limited portal access to make it easier for the student to review her/his own grades. However, we also emphasize to students that individual assignment grades are just one part of their performance among many other factors that are also important.

Can I change my parent portal password?

Yes. Log into the parent portal and click on “Account Preferences” to change your password.

How is the information in the parent portal kept secure?

The parent portal uses SSL encryption to encode all of its information. Only parents/guardians listed as having custody or legal guardianship can access a child’s information. The site is accessed using a username and password created by and unique to each parent. Additionally, each parent is an important partner in keeping their child’s information secure by:

  1. Picking a password that is not obvious for someone else to guess. The most secure passwords combine letters and numbers and are at least seven characters long.
  2. Not giving out your password. School staff will never ask you for your password either in email, phone, by mail, or in person; the password is solely for your use and knowledge. Students receive their own username and password that provides more limited access and should not be given a parent’s password.
  3. If there are any concerns that someone knows your password, complete the following three steps:
    1. log into the parent portal and click on “Account Preferences” and change your password;
    2. click on the link for “access logs” in the parent portal to see the exact dates/times that your password was used; and
    3. notify the school office so that we can help.

Who should I contact if I have questions or need assistance setting up my account?

You should contact the school office at your child’s school.