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Health Services

Welcome and thank you for visiting Avon Public Schools Health Services. Health Services provides a number of forms and publications for Avon families.

Patricia DeRossi

Nurse Coordinator
Pine Grove School

Ellen Farrell

School Nurse
Thompson Brook School

Gina Glynn

School Nurse
Avon Middle School

Susan Lane

School Nurse
Avon High School

Patricia Lorenzen

School Nurse
Roaring Brook School

Marybeth Twohig

School Nurse
Avon High School


Below you will find a variety of important documents and forms for your convenience.  Forms are designed to be printed and signed by hand before returning to the school. Documents can be viewed online or downloaded. If you need assistance with any of these documents or forms please contact your school nurse.

Husky A & B (English)

Please click image to view document.

Concussion Education Plan and Guidelines for CT schools

Please click image to view document.