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Our Mission

We believe that …

  • A high quality education is fundamental to create a life with purpose, meaning, and happiness.
  • Educated people of good character are essential to democracy.
  • Public education is a responsibility shared by students, parents, school personnel, and community members.
  • Trust and respect are prerequisites for sustaining and improving safe and successful schools.
  • Critical thinking, intellectual curiosity, and innovation are essential.
  • All people have value and should be treated with dignity and respect.

We are committed to…
  • Clear communication and transparent processes.
  • Rigorous, comprehensive, and innovative programs.
  • Meeting the needs of all students within local, state, and national requirements.
  • Collaboration, professional development, and ethical practice.
  • Continuous improvement through systematically assessing our actions and outcomes.
  • Using all resources efficiently and effectively to the greatest advantage of all students.



So that every Avon Public School student is consistently challenged and empowered to...

  • Communicate effectively and work collaboratively.
  • Think critically and creatively to solve challenging problems and advance their own academic and personal goals.
  • Be self-directed, self-regulated, and resilient as they live, learn, earn, and navigate their own pathway to success.

Goals & Strategic Actions