Blazer's Bulletin May 2021

Blazer's Bulletin May 2021
Posted on 05/14/2021

Dear RBS Family,

I was chatting with a neighbor a few nights ago about the year; the challenges and successes we've tackled and celebrated at RBS, and she said something to the effect of, "Well, at least things must be winding down for everyone at school, right?....." Our reality, of course, is not a thing like that J - with our teachers, staff, and students continuing on - full steam ahead - all the way through June 11th! And I wouldn't have it any other way. This year has brought perhaps a decade's worth of changes, improvements, trials, experiments and joys all packed into 10 months, and I couldn't be prouder of our whole family - our students, staff, and you, for putting your trust and faith in us beginning last August 26th, to build and then execute on a plan for as "normal" a year as possible, and I think we did a pretty darn good job at it. Thank you for being our cheerleaders, our partners, our helpers in this shared responsibility of making this school year the one is has!

Like most years, one thing we celebrate and feel a little choked up about at the same time is saying goodbye to certain staff members; this year, it's a whole lot of, as my Gabi would say, "the feels!" With a combined century-and-a-half of experience between this, it is with both joy and a heavy heart I share with you that Mrs. Shea, Mrs. Cartona, Mrs. Krusz, Ms. Wall, and Mrs. Alexander are all retiring at the end of this school year. I cannot say enough about the collective energy, experience, passion for their students and our building that Carolyn, Betsy, Melinda, Nancy, and Peggy have brought to the table each and every day in the service and interest of the little people (and their colleagues and our families!) that call this place 'home' for 10 months a year. From the bottom of our collective hearts, you will all be missed, and we are the better for knowing you and working with you! As you'd guess, we are starting the process to begin to fill those varied and large shoes and I'll have more information as the year wraps up in regards to that!

A few pragmatics before we head into the weekend:

- Please continue to be vigilant and cautious in our parking lots at drop off time. Usually as the weather warms, more students head back to the bus, which provides a little 'breather' in our drop-off lines; for reasons I'm hoping specific just to this year, that hasn't really happened, so our lines remain a bit long. Please do not drop off your child until you get to the actual curbed section of the lot - letting them off in the parking lot itself, with vans and other vehicles coming and going is an unnecessary risk. Thank you for your help here.

- And while mostly I truly am just happy that we're all here this year, I've found myself welcoming in more than a fair share of students after the bell rings at 8:50 AM - please do your best to be here before that time so your kiddos aren't marked tardy.

- Finally, we are all no doubt feeling encouraged as we hear more and more really good news about infection rates and vaccinations, and the coming reduction or elimination of orders and restrictions that have been part of our lives since March 2020. Please do know that guidance related to masks, distancing and other mitigation efforts will remain in effect in schools (here and elsewhere) through the end of this school year. We will continue to be in touch with the FVHD and the State Department of Education for any changes in this guidance both for this year, and of course as we begin to plan for School Year 2021-22. Thank you, again, for you continued support here!

May the upcoming weekend be filled with sun, fresh air, and that crazy/wonderful realization that there's only 19 days to go - enjoy!

-Noam, Susan, and the RBS Team