Blazer's Bulletin 9/24/21

Blazer's Bulletin 9/24/21
Posted on 09/24/2021

Dear RBS Family,

One of the joys of our job is watching how our students share their hopes for the year ahead - through bulletin boards outside classrooms, writing pieces created together with their teacher, pictures that celebrate goals they're working towards. I've heard our kids talk about "spelling their names," "learning the states!" and "being a friend to new students" - laudable, and no doubt attainable goals! This time of year, through conversations, Curriculum Nights, or quick Q&A forms to send back in, many of our teachers ask you those same questions: what are we as parents hoping our kids will get out of this year? Who are we 'hoping they'll be'?

My wife and I were sitting at the kitchen counter last week filling one of those forms out (late, of course...sorry Mrs. S!) regarding our hopes and dreams for our Lucas, now in third grade. Like all parents, we hope of course that he's kind and caring and thoughtful, confident, competent, and capable. But we also had a good laugh over how in our minds, we'd be raising a pasta-eatin', car-loving, long-distance-running, Springsteen-strumming Packer's fan, while in reality, he can't get enough veggies, all but lives on his bike, and for some strange reason occasionally flirts with (ugh!) Detroit Lion's fan-dom!

Of course, we don't really get to make those choices. Our children grow into who they are becoming from a multitude of influences, interests, models, talents, and environments. We most certainly guide, open doors, create experiences (and also most definitely cajole, bribe, and yes, at times, consequence!) to help set our kiddos up for success. But especially after all the disruptions we've lived through these past two years, I've become ever more confident that it truly does 'take all kinds.' The kids in front of us bring so many different personas, curiosities, and perspectives, but if we're able to make sure that they know that yup, "we see you, we hear you, we know you" then we're doing our work, both as parents and as educators.

Getting back into our work, a number of positive updates to share:

- First, we continue to welcome new staff to our building! Joining us as a Teaching Assistant is Lillian Thibdoeau, and Joan Claflin is serving in the role of Special Education Resource teacher as Keelan Lefebvre has welcomed a beautiful baby girl into the world - congrats and welcome to all!

- I imagine a happy conversation taking place in many households this week was our change in recess practice - students can now play anywhere outside in our recess areas, reconnecting with friends from other classes. As we discussed in classrooms and over morning announcements, our students are doing a great job not clustering together in large groups, and instead are spreading themselves out to stay safe and healthy - but now with classmates from across the grades. My hope, as you would likely imagine!, is that we can continue on the path of ever-more-normalcy as the year progresses.

- One of the ways that we'll help assure that progress is the exact practice we do continue to see in our RBS community - that of making sure that if your child isn't feeling well - even if it's just an "I just want to make sure..." - that they stay home. We did a wonderful job following this guidance last year, and I'm happy to have your continued support this fall - it's one of the best ways to help me keep our doors open!

- Another pragmatic - now that bus routes have been finalized, we will be creating seating charts for each of our buses, a practice we started last winter and most of our students will have familiarity with. We'll be talking about this next week with our students, and implementing fully in October.

Hoping this weekend brings you a great opportunity to recharge and connect with those amazing little people around you (even if they do turn out to be Detroit Lion's fans).

-Noam, Susan, and the RBS Team