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Technology Services

Welcome to the Avon Public Schools Technology Department.  The Technology Department services students, staff, teachers, administrators, parents, and the community. 

Kenneth Cowette

Field Services Technician

Cynthia Feivelson

Data Base Coordinator

Elizabeth Ferry

Teacher on Special Assignment

Jaime Fraga

Field Services Technician

Thomas Kline

Senior Network Administator

Viseth Lay

Field Service Technician
School: 8604044700

Robert Vojtek

Director of Technology


Can I use Nexflix, Hulu, HBO GO or any other online personal streaming site to show a movie/show to my class?

According to Title 17, Chapter 1, § 110(1) you may show all or part of a movie, in a face-to-face (F2F) classroom, provided that the movie was made lawfully and it is for educational use only and not for entertainment or commercial use.

Keep in mind that a license agreement supersedes copyright. Netflix's Terms of Use state, albeit ambiguously, that the Netflix, Hulu, HBO GO and other subscription services are for personal and non-commercial use only. And so while some companies have been known to turn a blind eye toward reports of classroom viewings, this is not considered a personal use.

Can I move my computer to another location?

In order to move any device in the district, the administrators in each building can submit the request using the "Request for Moving/Removal of Technology Equipment" form. 

Can I keep my laptop if I am going on maternity leave or FMLA?

No.  Laptop or any district technology device will need to be turned in prior to leaving on FMLA.  The device will be returned once the individual returns to the district.

If I leave the district, how long will I have access to my Google account including Gmail?

Your Google account will be disabled at the end of the work day on  your official last day of work.

Can I bring a personal device, printer, or other technology equipment and have it installed and used in my classroom?

No.  Only district owned and approved devices can be used on our internal network (APSNET).

Can I share my network or email account with another teacher, student, or substitute teacher?

Per the Avon Public Schools Acceptable Use Policy, you CANNOT give your account information to ANYONE else.

Can visitors or substitutes use the public WiFi in any of the schools in the district?

No.  During school hours only Avon Public School employees with accounts can access the public WiFi.  After school hours all can access APS Community WiFi.