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Dr. Donna Nestler-Rusack

Assistant Superintendent

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Program Director

Anthony Cabrera

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Anna Harris

Monthly Spotlight

Spotlight for August/September 2018

The 2018-19 school year is off to a great start. Thank you all for welcoming our 3,100+ students yesterday with enthusiasm and excitement about the year ahead. We are also excited about all the possibilities the new year holds for advancing our work in the areas of curriculum, instruction, assessment, student supports, enrichment, etc.

Over the summer the Board of Education offices and meeting rooms were filled with staff, teachers, and many, many books. During the summer teams of teachers met to refine and develop curriculum for K-5 Science, Biology, AP Physics, Grade 11 English, Grades 7 and 9 Social Studies, Capstone, and Special Education Transition. Also a big shout out to the reading consultants and Jodi Kryzanski for all of their work in identifying and organizing over 19,000 leveled readers for grades K-3 in addition to their wonderful cadre of volunteers who assisted with inventorying and stamping the books.

Thank you again to everyone for a wonderful last day of school professional development day on June 20th. One of the training sessions offered was the Google Certified Educator course. Seventeen teachers received training to prepare themselves for the certification test. In addition to the training, five teachers completed the 180 minute examination in the afternoon and passed the exam. Congratulations to the following teachers for successfully passing the Level 1 Google Certified Educator exam: Brendan Lynch, Shanley McClave, Jon Moss, John Salerni, Jessie Shaw, and Nate Strick. The district is planning on offering this training and testing session again in the future. If you are interested in possibly attending one of these sessions, please use the following link to find out more about the Google Certification Programs.

At the June Board of Education meeting, Policy 5123 - Retention in Elementary and Middle School was approved. The policy represents the district’s practice to only use retention when there is compelling evidence that the student is likely to demonstrate accelerated growth academically and emotionally without intervention. District K-8 Retention Guidelines have been created to assist professional staff when considering retention.

The ELA Vertical Curriculum Committee’s findings and recommendations were presented to the Curriculum Professional Development Council in May. This fall the results of the review will be presented at each school building and teachers will engage in a review and reflection activity on the findings and create an action plan to support the recommendations for improvement.

To assist staff in all five schools in accessing district resources and student information, Avon Quick Link documents have been created and revised for the 2018-19 school year. These documents are organized by level, Avon Quick Links for Elementary and Avon Quick Links for Secondary. Each has links to frequently used websites, professional development dates, the Avon Public Schools 2018-19 common assessment calendars, and student support information. Please bookmark a Quick Link document for easy access throughout the year.

District Highlights

In our efforts to meet the varied needs and interests of our high school students, Avon High School has continued to grow and strengthen the courses offered. One area that has seen significant growth in the past few years is the addition of Advanced Placement (AP) and Early College Experience(ECE) courses in all areas of study. Avon’s Pathways to a College Experience graphic illustrates the offerings and the flexibility of curricula to meet the requirements for either choice, AP or ECE, based on a student’s preference. In both cases, students are exposed to college level content which has a breadth and depth beyond the honors level. The level of rigor is equivalent to the same course at a university level and follows a predetermined curriculum.