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Pupil Services


Dr. Kimberly Mearman and Mrs. Tiffany Fox welcome you to the Office of Pupil Services. The Office of Pupil Services have developed an organizational chart that articulates the responsibilities for each of the roles within the Office. This organizational chart should assist staff and families in knowing the best person to contact in the Office.

Our office hours are from 8:00 to 4:00 Monday through Friday.

For any family of the Avon Public Schools who have students in an inter-district magnet school or a private approved school, you can contact Tiffany Fox for assistance. For any family who has a student attending an Avon Public School, each school has a designated Planning and Placement Team Chair. Our Chairs can assist families in learning more about the scope of pupil services within the Avon Public School. In addition, our Chairs can assist families in understanding the legal rights of families and the procedures that are used to address the needs of students with disabilities, including the Planning and Placement Team process and Individual Educational Programs.

Staff Roles

Staff Roles


  • Kimberly Mearman, Director of Pupil Services
  • Tiffany Fox, Special Education Supervisor/Preschool/Out of District Placements
  • Nattaneal Wilson, Secretary I
  • Robyn Addis, Secretary I
  • Caitlin Suchenski, PPT Chair - Avon High School
  • Tiffany Gooding, PPT Chair - Avon Middle School
  • Will Boudreau, PPT Chair - Thompson Brook School
  • Lori Arnold, PPT Chair - Pine Grove School
  • Sandy Vick, PPT Chair - Roaring Brook School

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