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Request for Building Use

Click here for Request for Building Use Form.

**This form must be printed out, completed, signed and returned to the building contact person listed below.**


Please read and be sure that you understand the following policies and notices regarding the use of Avon Public Schools facilities and/or grounds:

Before an event (request) can be approved by the District for the use of school facilities, organizations must submit a current "Certificate of Insurance" to be kept on file in the Facilities Office.

BOE Policy #1330 regarding Community Use of School Buildings

Limited Cellphone Reception at Roaring Brook School

Visitors to Roaring Brook School should be aware that many cellular phone service providers do not offer reliable cellular reception in and around Roaring Brook School. In the event of an emergency, Roaring Brook School contains emergency phone which may be used exclusively for the purpose of summoning emergency assistance. The phones are yellow in color and located in the main corridor, the gymnasium and in the cafeteria. Visitors should familiarize themselves with the location of the nearest emergency phone when visiting Roaring Brook School. The emergency phone connect to emergency responders (911) ONLY!

Guideline Regarding the Use of Media Services/Equipment

Avon Public Schools will provide the following equipment for your reserved engagement when this form

is completed by the person responsible for the activity. This document supersedes any similar

documentation/policies which may be out-of-date.

Avon Public Schools will provide a technician to operate the following systems for your event. No

"outside" persons (professionally-trained or otherwise) are allowed to use the school sound and lighting

systems unless their use is continually monitored by an Avon Public Schools technician. You will be

billed $50 per hour for setup-time, event-time, and cleanup-time for this support. For events at AHS

involving elaborate lighting and/or sound requirements, we encourage you to contact us ahead of time

to review your needs.

1. Lighting (anything other than normal house/ceiling lights)

2. Music/Sound/Microphones

The following equipment is available, but must be set-up and monitored (at your cost) by our technical

staff in many cases. Please contact us at the numbers below for more information on your specific


1. DVD player w/ LCD projector & screen

2. Laptop w/ LCD projector & screen

3. VCR player w/ LCD projector & screen

The following equipment is available for groups to operate independently:

1. Slide Projector w/ screen

2. Overhead projector w/ screen

3. CD player

The Library Media Center staff and school administration have complete discretion with regard to which

systems/equipment a particular group will be allowed to operate independently. In these cases, you

must arrange an appointment with the school librarian at least one week prior to your activity

(scheduled between the hours of 8 am and 2 pm, Monday through Friday). At that time, you will receive

necessary instructions for operating the equipment. No equipment will be provided for YOU to operate

independently at your event unless you have made the above arrangements.

The applicant assumes the responsibility of returning the borrowed equipment in the same condition

received. In case of loss, theft or damage of the equipment, the applicant agrees to pay any and all bills

for the repair and/or replacement of the equipment within ten days of receipt of a formal billing by the

Avon Public Schools.

Safety Guidelines per Avon Fire Marshall

All groups using Avon facilities must understand and follow these guideline for a safe event"

- At the start of any event, persons conducting the event will announce exit locations to occupants/guests.

- Crowd Managers will be assigned for all events at a ratio of 1 manager per 250 guests.

Please contact the office in the appropriate building with any questions:

Kelly Tubridy - Avon High School - Phone: 860-404-4740; Fax: 860-404-4743

Berayda Rosa - Avon Middle School - Phone: 860-404-4770; Fax: 860-404-4773

Lucia Esposito - Thompson Brook School - Phone: 860-404-4870; Fax: 860-404-4873

Peggy Alexander - Roaring Brook School - Phone 860-404-4810; Fax: 860-404-4813

Dianne Anderson - Pine Grove School - Phone 860-404-4790; Fax: 860-404-4793

Please note that building-use requests must be submitted 10 days in advance of any event. Only pages 1-3 need to be completed in full and submitted to the appropriate school secretary.

Saturday and Sunday events will be billed the overtime rates for custodians

I have read, understand and agree to abide by the above-listed policies governing use of Avon Public Schools building, grounds, and equipment.