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Nutrition Services

Margaret E. Dreher

Director of Nutrition Services

(860) 404-4734

Corey MacLaurin

Assistant Director of Nutrition Services

(860) 404-4734

How to Pre-Order Student Meals

Go to the Menus via Nutrislice link on the right column. Once there, in the top right corner of the screen click on the 3 lines. Go to log in, then create an account. Pick the type of user, click next. Complete Student Information. Homeroom teacher information is mandatory for elementary and intermediate students. Complete About Yourself. Then create a password.

You will then pick your child’s school, click on Breakfast or Lunch.  Choose the item you would like to order and add to cart.  It is possible to order breakfast and lunch for the same day although it is necessary to check out after each day.  Click on your cart, checkout.  Choose either breakfast or lunch and choose your Meal Location.  Submit Order



Nora Pompa

Nutrition Service Cook Manager
Avon High School

Donna Zyjeski

Nutrition Service Cook Manager
Avon Middle School

Kimberly Birge

Nutrition Service Cook Manager
Thompson Brook School

Judith Allyn

Nutrition Service Cook Manager
Roaring Brook School

Jennifer Howe

Nutrition Service Cook Manager
Pine Grove School