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Human Resources

Welcome to the Avon Public Schools’ Human Resources website!  Over the next few months we will be adding specific information regarding employment opportunities for those interested in joining the district.  In addition, we will be adding content for our current employees regarding bargaining units’ contractual agreements, information on the Employee Assistance Program, FMLA, and much more.  We ask that you visit this site frequently, and access the links and information we provide. If there is anything you need in the interim, or cannot access online, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

We welcome your comments, feedback, and insights, as it is our goal to make this site a user friendly experience.  If you have an idea or comment, please send your suggestions to Roberto Medic, Director of Human Resources, please click on his name to email him directly.


Student Teaching

In order to be considered for a student teaching, internship or practicum placement in our district, please contact Roberto Medic, Director of Human Resources at 860-404-4708. A placement request must be submitted by your college or university field placement office to our Human Resources Department. Once you have been accepted to complete your student teaching, internship or practicum placement with us, our district requires certain paperwork to be completed prior to beginning your student teaching, internship or practicum.

Please do not contact the school directly. All student teaching, internship and practicum requests must go through the Human Resources Department.  

Roberto Medic

Director of Human Resources
District Wide

Monica Mates

Benefits Specialist
District Wide