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Building A Bridge

Picture of the Building a Bridge Handbook

A Handbook for Students and Family Members to Help with Preparation for Life After High School - Revised 2009

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Complaint Resolution Process

Complaint Resolution Cover Page

This booklet specifies the process to be used by the Connecticut State Department of Education, Bureau of Special Education, in the investigation and resolution of these complaints as well as complaints which allege that an education agency has violated a requirement of the Connecticut laws regarding special education (Connecticut General Statutes Sections 10-76a to 10-76h inclusive, of the general statutes and the implementing regulations). - Revised December, 2011

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IEP Manual and Forms

IEP Manual Cover Page


The first purpose is to help insure compliance with the statutory requirements of IDEA and State law. In addition, these forms assist as a data collection and student educational program-planning tool. Therefore, the State Department of Education has directed that all IEPs written for students in the State of Connecticut be completed on these forms. - Revised July 2018

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Parent's Guide To Special Education In CT

Picture of Parent's Guide to Special Education in CT

Parent's Guide To Special Education In CT.

This document provides information for parents, guardians and other family members about laws, regulations, and policies affecting special education programs and services. - Revised 2007

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Community Resource Guide

Click to access:  Community Resource Guide

Procedural Safeguards

Procedural Safeguard Cover Page


The Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act (IDEA), the federal law concerning the education of students with disabilities, requires schools to provide you, the parent, with a notice containing a full explanation of the procedural safeguards available under the IDEA and the IDEA regulations. - Revised July 1, 2011

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Avon Early Learning Center (Preschool)

Procedural Safeguard Cover Page



The Avon Early Learning Center at Roaring Brook School is an integrated, comprehensive early childhood program. Our program is available to Avon residents through the Avon Early Learning Center lottery or through the PPT process. Our program services students who are typically developing as well as special education students.  Each classroom has one certified teacher and at least two paraprofessionals.

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Registration Information please contract: 
Pupil Services at 860-404-4710


Transition Bill of Rights

Transition Bill of Rights

For Parents of Students Receiving Special Education Services

A student with an individualized education program (IEP) has certain rights under both federal and state laws. This Transition Bill of Rights for parents of students receiving special education will help parents and students understand a student’s rights related to getting an education and other important issues regarding the transition to life after high school.

Transition Bill of Rights CSDE Document (attachement)

Seclusion and Restraint

Parental Notification of the Laws Relating to the use of Seclusion and Restraint in the Public Schools
Revised July 2018


You have been provided with a copy of the “Procedural Safeguards in Special Education.” The Procedural Safeguards document outlines your rights and the rights of your child under the federal Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (the IDEA) and the Connecticut statutes and regulations concerning the provision of special education and related services to children with disabilities.

The Board of Education is also required by state regulation to inform you about a specific provision of the state statutes and regulations regarding the emergency use of physical restraint and seclusion or the use of seclusion as a behavior intervention in a child’s IEP. Every parent must be advised of these rights at the initial Planning and Placement Team meeting (PPT) held for their child even if the emergency use of physical restraint or seclusion.

  • Who are the children covered by the law?
  • What does “physical restraint” mean?
  • What does “seclusion” mean?
  • What do I need to know about the emergency use of restraint and seclusion?
  • What kinds of reporting is done by the schools on the use of restraint and seclusion?
  • How will I be notified if restraint or seclusion is used with my child?
  • Where can I find a copy of the State Statutes and Regulations Discussed in this Notification?



Parental Notification of the Laws Relating to the use of Seclusion and Restraint in the Public Schools (attachment)