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Academic Support

AHS School Counselors are here to support students and parents as they navigate their high school experience and plan for their future. If you find yourself/your student struggling in a class, our first recommendation is for students to see their teacher!  This would include meeting with him/her during a common free period/study hall or before/after school.  If additional support is needed, there are a number of supports here at Avon High School:

Supervised Study Halls
All freshmen and sophomores are assigned to a supervised study hall during a period in which no academic/elective course is scheduled.  Juniors have larger study halls in the Cafe.  If additional supports or a smaller setting is needed, that can be arranged through contacting your School Counselor.

Writing Center
Peer tutors volunteer in the Writing Center to conduct conversations about writing and support their peers with improving composition skills. The center is available to all students to drop-in on an as-needed basis after school on Tuesdays and before school on Thursdays.

Math Lab
The Math Lab houses an in-house tutor, Mrs. Wagner, who is available to help students with their challenges in math. The lab is open to all students during the school day, but is closed before and after school. Students can obtain a pass from their teacher or counselor to visit the Math Lab during a free period/study hall.

Student Assistance Center (SAC)
Students interested in SAC must see their counselor to have SAC assigned on their schedule. SAC takes the place of a study hall or free period and attendance will be taken.
SAC is located in the library workroom and is staffed by Mrs. Ross, who works with students in all subject areas as well as helping with study skills and organization.

**Subject area teachers will periodically be present in the Math Lab/SAC.  Please check with Mrs. Wagner and Mrs. Ross for additional information.**


Additional Student Supports

In addition to the academic supports listed above, our team of School Counselors, School Social Worker, and School Psychologist are here to support students’ emotional and social needs.  For additional information on how to set up these services, please contact your School Counselor.

Courses at Avon High School

Avon High School is a student centered community that empowers each member to engage in authentic and substantive learning, develop effective leadership, and demonstrate humane character.

For more information on the courses offered, please see our Course of Studies.

Course planninG

Four Year Course Planning - Class of 2023 and Beyond

Four Year Course Planning - Class of 2021 & 2022

Course registration

Open February 24-28
2020-2021 Course Registration Instructions

external credit

Please review page 11 in the Course of Studies for more information. The External Credit Form must be completed by the student and approved by a school official prior to the student registering for a class. Students should make an appointment with their counselor to discuss their options.


Pre-College Opportunities at AHS

In addition to a variety of Advanced Placement (AP) courses offered at Avon High School, pre-college credits can be earned by enrolling in AHS courses that are articulated with the University of Connecticut Early College Experience (ECE) Program.  Courses offerings and descriptions are found in the AHS Course of Studies..  At the completion of a UConn ECE course, students will have a UConn transcript to present to their college of attendance for possible college credits to be put towards their studies.

To view a more detailed description and compare the two courses, click the button below.

AP/ECE Descriptions