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AHS Staff Directory

This directory contains a listing of Faculty and Staff from the Avon Public High School. If you would like to view a full directory of the entire Avon Public School District please visit the District Directory.

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Stuart Abrams

Teacher Social Studies
Social Studies

Tracy Andreana

Teacher Math

Jennifer Aylsworth

Teacher Language Arts
Language Arts

Tami Benvenuto

Nutrition Service Worker
Nutrition Services

Lisa Berliner

Teacher World Language
World Language

Mary-Patricia Bialaski


Marybeth Bielat

Teacher Speech & Language
Pupil Services

Jason Bonvisuto

Custodian - Night

William Boudreau

School Psychologist
Pupil Services

Genevieve Brand

Teacher World Language
World Language

Naomi Bravin

Teacher World Language
World Language

Elizabeth Brisco

Coordinator of Internships