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Principal's Welcome to AHS


Dear Avon High School Students and Families,


Welcome to the 2018-19 school year! The first day for students is Tuesday, August 28, 2018.

I am very excited to join the Avon High School community as principal. I trust you have already read Dr. Carnemolla’s letter earlier this month of my appointment so I will not take up your time repeating what Dr. C wrote about my background. I thoroughly enjoyed my five years at TBS and will miss working with the staff, students, and families.

Also joining the AHS community this year:

New to Avon Public Schools - Jacquelyn Benson - Paraeducator, Jason Bonvisuto - Custodian, Lauren Crum - Special education teacher, Dr. Diana DeVivo - Assistant principal, Bradford Devlin - Special education teacher, Viviam Garcia - Paraeducator, Jennifer Malz - Special education teacher, Rosemary Medina - Paraeducator, Danielle Phillips - Language arts teacher, Craig Southard - Language arts teacher

New to AHS - Sally deGozzaldi - Mathematics (from AMS), Stephen Greco - Social studies (from AMS), Sharon Major - Paraeducator (from AMS), Jessica Shaw - Science (from PGS/RBS)

We are still looking to hire a Director of School Counseling. In the meantime, our four counselors will each take part of the caseload to serve as the interim counselor for those students impacted by this vacancy. The counselors will be in contact with those students.

In this letter I have included some important reminders and updates regarding the 2018-2019 school year. Please make the time to review them. My hope is that they will assist you and your family in getting this school year started on the right foot.


Closed Campus - As stated in Mr. Peling’s letter to the AHS community dated April 24, 2018, effective this school year, AHS is now a closed campus. I have attached the original letter for your review, if needed. I applaud Mr. Peling and the work done to reach this important decision and fully support it for all the reasons he stated.

A brief recap of that letter clarifies that “...seniors in good standing, with parent permission, will still be allowed to arrive late if they have a period 1 “open” and they can also still leave early if they have a period 4 “open.” As is currently the practice, this senior privilege would require written parental consent, academic and disciplinary good standing, and go into effect as of the start of the new school year.”  Please note that the closed campus means that students do not leave the school at lunch time. All students will remain in the school during lunch periods.

The Senior Privilege form is being sent to all families of seniors. The senior privilege does not begin until the completed form is returned and accepted. The sign in procedure and sign out procedure are stated in the form.

Security - The past few months several security projects were started with expected completion dates to stretch into the school year.

● Visitor entry - There is now only one entrance for visitors (and seniors with Senior Privileges arriving after 7:40 AM). Please go the main entrance off the bus loop. A controlled entry system will be constructed, similar to the other schools. Constriction of the sign in area will be completed after the start of school. In the interim, the visitor system will be activated at the start of the school year and located in the hallway.

● Morning entry for students via the parent drop off and students with a parking permit - Parents dropping off their child should follow the signs to the drop off area. Students will enter through the same location as in the past, next to the community room. The entrance will be open and supervised from 7:20 AM to 7:40 AM. At 7:40 AM the doors are locked and students will need to go around to the main entrance and sign in as tardy in the main office.

● Security cameras - Multiple security cameras will be placed throughout the school hallways and monitored by the security team.

● As additional security measures and procedures are incorporated, I will send you that information.

GO Avon - Ninth grade and new student orientation - Under the direction of Susan Rietano Davey, student volunteers will hold an orientation session for ninth grade students and new students on Monday, August 27 from 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM. Ninth graders will be placed into groups with a student volunteer leader. New students in grades 10, 11, and 12 will be in their own group. The special bus route for the orientation is at the end of this letter.

Open House - AHS Open House is Wednesday, September 5, 2018. We start at 6:30 PM in the auditorium for a short presentation and then parents/guardians will follow their child’s schedule, A day, then B day. Student schedules will be printed and available for parents who do not get the information from their child.

Daily Arrival

Buses - As the year begins, the bus company will also begin their work. Each year the bus company is staffed with new drivers traveling new routes. Drivers begin the task of learning Avon’s roads and traffic patterns in the weeks preceding school starting. Though practice has taken place, I still ask for your patience during the opening days of the school year. If for any reason your child’s bus is running much later than anticipated we will send out an electronic alert notifying parents. My hope is that within a week’s time the routes will have been established and will run with a much greater level of consistency.

Parent Drop Off and Pick Up/Students Driving - The loop in front of the school is for school buses only. Parents and students should follow the sign to the other side of the building. Please see security updates above. Remember to check your surroundings before pulling away from the drop off / pick up area. On behalf of the entire school community, I thank you in advance for driving safely in our parking lot as it is a very busy place during arrival and dismissal.

Finally, as they do each summer, the maintenance and custodial departments have worked hard to get the schools ready for the coming year. AHS is no different. They have done a wonderful job this summer.

Again, welcome to the 2018-19 school year. I look forward to a wonderful year here at AHS.



Michael Renkawitz

ThE Nine


Make interdisciplinary connections and integrate previous learning experiences.


Use a variety of critical thinking and problem solving strategies.


Assess the value of information, produce quality work, and strive for mastery.


Express ideas clearly and creatively.


Respond to success and failure with reflection, resilience, and integrity.


Listen to the ideas of others and contribute in a meaningful way.


Make informed choices that promote mental, physical, and emotional well-being.


Enjoy a sense of inclusion and belonging.


Act in an ethical manner and recognize the potential to effect change.