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How to use "Filter by Teams"

The calendar below shows all events for all athletic teams at Avon Public High School.  If you are interested in seeing events for ONE specific team then you should return to the "Teams and Schedules" page and select your sport/team. 

If you prefer the grid view of the events or want to see events for multiple teams at the same time, follow these steps to customize your view of the calendar below.

1. Expand the "Athletics Team Calendars" menu above by clicking the (+) symbol. 
2. Uncheck any teams you are not interested in seeing.
3. Click the yellow "Update Calendar" button.

How to use the Search Feature

You can search for events by setting a date range (start date and end date) to locate all athletic events within that time frame.

Full Athletics Calendar

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Sun, Jul 28
Mon, Jul 29
Tue, Jul 30
Wed, Jul 31
Thu, Aug 1
Fri, Aug 2
Sat, Aug 3
Sun, Aug 4
Mon, Aug 5
Tue, Aug 6
Wed, Aug 7
Thu, Aug 8
Fri, Aug 9
Sat, Aug 10
Sun, Aug 11
Mon, Aug 12
Tue, Aug 13
Wed, Aug 14
Thu, Aug 15
Fri, Aug 16
Sat, Aug 17
Sun, Aug 18
Mon, Aug 19
Tue, Aug 20
Wed, Aug 21
Thu, Aug 22
Fri, Aug 23
Sat, Aug 24
Sun, Aug 25
Mon, Aug 26
Tue, Aug 27
Wed, Aug 28
Thu, Aug 29
Sat, Aug 31