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New Athletic Field - Congrats to all that made this happen for our athletes!

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Jenna Aylsworth

Asst. B/G Golf Coach

Peter Bourquin

Asst Football Coach

William Brisco

JV Boys Soccer Coach, Fr Girls Basketball Coach

Curt Burns

Head Volleyball Coach

Adam Cost

Head Boys Lacrosse

Vinnie Costello

Boys Tennis Head Coach


Watch this fun video from some boys lacrosse players.  CLICK HERE

CIAC Athlete video CLICK HERE

Student Government Rainy Day CLICK HERE

Stay active videos from kids and staff CLICK HERE

Winter Awards

All Conference:
Abby St. Onge/ Girls Basketball
Jack Hall / Boys Basketball
Tyler Hinrichs / Indoor Track
Jack Martin/ Indoor Track
Anish Rajamanickam/ Indoor Track 
Max Raha/ Indoor Track
Jack Donlin/ Indoor Track 
Hari Patchigolla/ Indoor Track
Jonah Weber/ Wrestling 
Jared Butler/ Wrestling 
Chris Gens/ Wrestling
George Clark/ Swimming & Diving 
Sarah Grady/ Swimming & Diving 
Siddharth Kumar/ Swimming & Diving 
Rahul Kumar/ Swimming & Diving 
Gautham Kumar/ Swimming & Diving 
Antonio Arias-Camison/ Swimming & Diving
Dejvid Valishti/ Swimming & Diving
Kori Bartko/ Girls Ice Hockey
Shelby Little/ Girls Ice Hockey
Jackson Holl/ Boys Ice Hockey
Samantha Bergen /Cheerleading
All State:
Jack Hall/ Boys Basketball
Jack Martin/ Indoor Track
Max Raha/ Indoor Track
Chris Gens/ Wrestling
Kori Bartko/ Girls Ice Hockey
All New England:
Jack Martin/Indoor Track






Athletic Department

Timothy Filon

Athletic Director

Allison Locascio

Secretary I, Administrative Assistant