About our School

The Roaring Brook School community is a special place where over 500 students in kindergarten through grade 4 experience the challenges and joy of learning in a nurturing environment that promotes respect for self and others.  Our highly talented staff works in partnership with parents and the community to ensure that all children are successful learners.  We afford students abundant academic experiences and character-building activities to prepare them to become tomorrow's leaders.

The school goal is that all students will demonstrate the higher level thinking required to accomplish challenging tasks in all curriculum areas.  These skills include critical stance, prediction and problem solving, and creative expression.  In order to support student achievement of this goal, teachers participate in a comprehensive training program based on the latest research and best practices in education.

Our educational program provides the opportunity for each child to progress toward mastery of skills and competencies.  Roaring Brook student performance continues to far exceed state averages in all areas of the school profile.  While we just completed a Pilot testing of all third and fourth graders in the new "SBAC" system, recent scores on the Connecticut Mastery Testing Program reflects very strong performances in writing, reading, and mathematics.

Our school engages in ongoing and systematic assessment of student performance in order to inform instruction and to determine curricular areas needing revision.  We recently completed a revision of the K-4 language arts and math programs to ensure alignment with national and state standards and a comprehensive approach to balanced literacy.  

The school community is built upon strong collaboration between home and school.  Parents participate in the everyday life of the school in support of our children's learning.  The Parent Teacher Organization is highly supportive of the school through its financial and human resources.  The organization has a long history of providing cultural programs that enrich the curriculum, such as: artist/author-in-residence programs, foreign and sign language programs, and children's theater.  

The community is similarly supportive of the educational process, for example, the Avon Educational Foundation provides grants to teachers for innovative programs.  Our staff has been awarded several grants since 2004.  The awards included funding for the Creation of Blazer's Trail (an outstanding outdoor amphitheater and trail system behind the school), Lifecycle of a Frog using scientific inquiry, the use of Reader's Theater audio books to record reading fluency, Hartford Stage Literary Connections residency program, literacy-based phonic enrichment, and multicultural instruments.

We invite you to visit the very special school community of Roaring Brook!

Noam Sturm                              Larry Sparks
Principal                                    Assistant Principal