Student Activities

Pine Grove School is host to numerous student activities during the school year. The school as well as each grade level has special programs planned that align with the curriculum and are designed to extend the educational experience. Some examples of these types of programs include:

  • Piney’s performance pieces
    • Two times during the school year our students gather for a “talent show” that highlights the talents of our students and the work they accomplish in our unified arts and world language programs.
  • Town Meetings.
    • Several times during the school year our entire school community meets in our auditorium to celebrate. These meetings are often theme based and include classroom performances and interactive programs designed to boost school spirit and highlight student accomplishments. One such event is our Veteran’s Day Town Meeting where our students celebrate and honor our local veterans. 
  • Multi-Cultural Family Fair Day
    • Once a year we invite family members and parents of our students to set up interactive booths that highlight their family’s culture and heritage. The event is held during the school day so that all our students can participate. In the past we have had representatives from numerous countries including: Jamaica, Germany, China, Japan, Korea, Brazil, Scotland, Australia, and England. Students dress up in attire that represents the various cultures and learn about the language spoken, games played, and geography of the many different countries represented by our school community.
  • Field Trips
    • Each grade level plans field trips for their students that highlight and expand upon the curriculum. A full list of trips typically taken by each grade level will be shared by classroom teachers with their students and their families at the start of each school year.
  • Cultural Programs
    • Thanks to a strong partnership with our P.T.O. and local community members, our students enjoy numerous cultural programs throughout the school year. These programs are designed to enhance our curriculum and also be enjoyable. In the past we have had programs designed by Mystic Sea Life Aquarium, Hartford Stage, and the Avon Historical Society to name a few. A full list of the cultural programs typically experienced at each grade level will be shared by classroom teachers with their students and their families at the start of each school year.
  • One School One Book
    • Each year a book is selected by the School’s Safe School Climate Committee for use in our One School One Brook program. A copy of the book is provided to each student and staff member. During the month that the book is highlighted, our entire school community reads the book as one. Each night students and family members read chapters together. Then, each Friday classrooms “drop everything and read” the next chapter in progression together. Students can take weekly chapter “quizzes” and enter raffles for prizes. The event is kicked off and ends with school wide celebrations. Last year we read The World According to Humphrey by Betty G. Birney.