AHS Student Assistance Center (SAC) 


                      Your student need some help getting their homework done?

                       Is their backpack overflowing with paper?

                       Do they need help organizing and managing their time?

IF SO........    Then Avon High School's Student Assistance Center (SAC) is for them!

After 14 years and hundreds of students, this popular Student Assistance Center program continues.                   

What is SAC?  It’s an academic tutorial program, supporting mainstream education students who are struggling academically.  Located off the library wing in C106, SAC provides a nurturing environment that reinforces academic subjects, good study skills, organizational techniques and time management skills. Positive behavior is continually reinforced and praised.

Who attends SAC?  Last year, over 100 students accessed the SAC. The SAC assists students at all grade levels, with the majority of students coming from the freshmen and sophomore classes.

Can a student ‘drop in’ to SAC for help?   Absolutely!  A student can self refer and drop in as needed.  Some students are referred to the program by their counselor or parent and then attend on a regularly scheduled basis. Some students need short term assistance; while with others need a more long term approach.

Do students miss class to attend SAC?  Student participation is voluntary and does not require missed class time. Students attend during their study hall or café resource periods.

Do students get a grade?  Powerschool (PS) identifies the SAC as a period 9 class. A pass or withdrawal (P/W) grade, along with a personalized comment, is posted at quarter end.  There is no credit for the course and the grade is not reflected in the students’ G.P.A.

When is the SAC open?  The SAC is open during school hours,  Monday through Friday.

Who staffs the SAC?   Two long time academic tutors, Ellen Pataska and Christine Bonini staff the SAC. Community volunteers who have expertise in certain academic areas volunteer on an as needed basis.

If your student would be interested in participating, please have them stop by the SAC room or see their counselor for a referral.    For more information please contact Ellen Pataska, epataska@avon.k12.ct.us