Avon High School Special Services Department

The Avon Public School’s Department of Pupil Services provides a variety of programs for students with identified special needs.  Participation in these special education programs is determined through the Planning and Placement Team (PPT) process and is based on diagnostic evaluations and prescriptive educational goals and objectives.  The Department strives to enhance students’ educational, social, and emotional well-being within the least restrictive educational environment.

Special Education Staff:
MaryBeth Bielat – Speech Language Pathologist
William Boudreau – School Psychologist
Natalie Carlone – ASARP
Marissa Chowaniec – Learning Center
Al Dadario – Learning Center
Linda Dadario – Social Worker (ALP)
Stephanie Eason – Learning Center (Department Coordinator - Email)
Michael Fernandes – Learning Center
Eric Hoffman – Learning Center (ALP)
Laura Knee – Social Worker
Denise Maloney – Administrative Assistant
Ryan McCarthy – Learning Center
Sarah Parsons – Learning Center

Departmental offerings include the following programs and courses, each of which is tailored to meet individual student needs:

The Alternative Learning Program (ALP):
The Alternative Learning Program is an alternative program within the high school that supports special education students.  Students are placed in ALP through a PPT (Planning and Placement Team) meeting.  Contact Linda Dadario 860.404.4830 or Dr. William Hickey 860-404.4710 for more information.

Avon Special Alternative Resource Program (ASARP):
This program is geared towards students with significant intellectual disabilities and autism. The focus is on functional academics, activities of daily living (life skills), social skills training, and pre-vocational skills. Students participate in a leisure activity (i.e. swimming) one afternoon per week and a community outing one day per week.  The purpose of the community outing is to provide community-based instruction; and to put into practice what is learned in the classroom. The goal of the program is to increase independent living skills; and to provide our students with a variety of experiences that will increase their options (socially and vocationally) as they graduate into adult services.

Communication Practicum - Grades 9-12
This program focuses on the development and enhancement of communication skills for academic and career success.  Curriculum is specifically designed to address student needs in the areas of listening comprehension, oral communication, adaptive / augmentative communication and social communication skills


For a more detailed description of these courses, please refer to the Special Support Programs section of the course of studies booklet.

Useful Links:
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