Avon High School Science Department

Science Department Staff:

Mark Burgess
Andrew Butler
Greg Dunford
Andrea Galuska
Martha Kane
Kevin Keane
Athena Kosinski
Janet Loynes
Mike Marella
Scott Percival
John Salerni, Coordinator (email)
Scott Tinker
David Zlatin

Courses Offered:

The program offered at Avon High provides students with a strong background in core sciences.  All students study Environmental Science, Biology, Chemistry.  Most students also take Physics and/or electives such as Forensics and Marine Biology during 12th grade.  Please see the science section of the course of studies booklet for more information.  Materials such as textbooks and homework are available online for some courses.  Course syllabi are available here.


Mission Statement

The mission of the AHS science department is to prepare students for informed and responsible participation in an increasingly complex and technological society by fostering scientific literacy and the development of critical-thinking and problem-solving skills.


Characteristics of an outstanding science student


Useful Links for Chemistry:

Panoramic view of Hiroshima after atomic bomb blast 


Useful Links for Physics:

Physics online Textbook
Physics of TVs
Cannonball Launch Applet