To contact Specialty Transportation: 860-471-5981

Click here to visit Specialty Transportation's website for the most up-to-date bus routes. Type in your house number and street name. 

Do not include the designation of Street, Drive, Avenue, Lane, etc when entering your address.


Morning Bus Routes

See below for bus routes according to schools.  Look for the bus route that is nearest to your neighborhood to find the stop closest to your home. Each bus run is identified with a unique run number which is listed at the top of the route (example: AHM020 is Avon High/Avon Middle school bus #20). The number will be displayed on the side of the bus when it arrives.

Please have your children arrive 10 minutes early due to the unpredictability of traffic patterns on a particular day.

We also have a feature on our website for looking up an individual stop by entering your child’s address, school, grade and zip code. The software will look up the stop for you. There have been intermittent software glitches with this particular tool that we believe have been resolved (not all of the changes from the past five days may be correctly reflected as of today). The previously mentioned bus runs are the most accurate and can be relied upon for service when school begins.

Click below for your child's bus route according to school.  On the list, search for your bus information by hitting the CNTRL & F key to bring up the search function.  Type in your street name or cross street and hit ENTER to find your bus stop and time of pick-up.   

If you have questions, please call 860-999-4192, 860-471-5981 or 860-470-7200.

AHS/AMS Bus Routes

TBS Bus Routes

PGS Bus Routes

RBS Bus Routes