District Food Services

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Maggie Dreher, Food Director 860-404-4734 mailto:www.mdreher@avon.k12.ct.us

Nora Pompa, Avon High Cook Manager 860-404-4749 npompa@avon.k12.ct.us

Donna Zyjeski, Avon Middle Cook Manager 860-404-4779 dzyjeski@avon.k12.ct.us

Kim Birge, Thompson Brook Cook Manager 860-404-4881 kbirge@avon.k12.ct.us

Judy Allyn, Roaring Brook Cook Manager 860-404-4819 jallyn@avon.k12.ct.us

Denise Failla, Pine Grove Cook Manager 860-404-4799 dfailla@avon.k12.ct.us

Lunch Menus DocumentsDate Posted
September Menu for Avon High School8/26/2014
September Menu for Avon Middle School and Thompson Brook School8/26/2014
September Menu for Roaring Brook Schools and Pine Grove School8/26/2014
Free and Reduced Form5/29/2014