CLUBS: (Exact meeting days for clubs will be updated.  Students can also check with advisors.)  All students participating in any extra curricular activity must have a signed permission form for each activity.

CHAMBER ORCHESTRA - The Chamber Orchestra is comprised of advanced 7th and 8th grade string players.  Rehearsals are every Thursday after school until 3:30 p.m.

COMIC/ANIME GUILD - Students enjoy and create anime and comics, culminating in the creation and publishing of a group comic book at the end of the year.  Comic/Anime Guild meets on Tuesdays after school until 3:20 p.m. in room 105.  Advisor - Ms. Hornby

CRAFT CLUB – Craft Club meets on various days after school in room 221.  All materials are provided!  Bring a friend!  Make a new friend!  Have a ride home at 3:45pm.  Permission slips are required.  Advisor - Miss Salva

DEBATE CLUB - Students interested in debating meet every Thursday after school in room 226.  Advisor - Mr. Rand 

F.O.R. CLUB - A group of students who meet to plan how to celebrate positive behaviors and attitudes in our school.  The group discusses how people are treating each other and how we can all support each other.  The students also plan recognitition awards for students who are living the 7 Habits and demonstrating kindness, compassion, respect and responsibility here at AMS.  Advisors - Mrs. Marzano, Mrs. Rothe & Mr. Snyder

FRENCH CLUB - The French Club brings together those students enrolled in French who have an interest in learning more about francophone culture and the French language.  Advisor - Mrs. Hickey

Helping hARTs - Those with an artistic spirit who want to use their artistic skills in helping others are invited to join helping hARTs every Tuesday in room 107 from 2:30 pm until 3:30 pm.  Advisor - Mrs. Goler

HOPE – Students interested in Helping Other People Everywhere meet from  2:30 to 3:00 on alternate Thursdays.  Permission slips  are required and can be found online.  Students must arrange transportation home and be picked up at 3pm.  Advisors - Mr. Greco and Mrs. Glynn.

KNITTING CLUB - For students who love it knit or would like to learn.  Knitted items are donated to great causes.  The Knitting Club meets after school on Fridays.  Advisor - Mrs. Brennan

LEO CLUB - The LEO Club is a volunteer service group of students who help out the community through service projects in our school community and beyond! New comers are welcome! Come check it out!  Thursday morning at 7:15 in the media center.  Advisors - Mrs. Rothe, Mrs. Marzano and Mr. Snyder

MATHCOUNTS - For those who enjoy numbers, MathCounts meets Mondays after school in rooms 209 or 212 until 3:15.    Advisors - Mrs. Gresh and Ms. Weisbaum

POETRY CLUB -  “I write poetry in order to live more fully.” If that quote by Judith Rodriguez resonates with you, you should consider joining the AMS poetry club.  We play with language, brainstorm ideas for our poetry bulletin board in the Media Center, plan events for National Poetry Month, oversee and make major decisions on our poetry anthology that gets published annually, and have lots of fun.  Meetings are Mondays from  2:20 – 3:30, in room 215.  Advisor - Mrs. Brennan

STUDENT COUNCIL  – Student Council is responsible for running all social events such as our dances; spirit activities like hat day and our annual Spirit Week; as well as community and worldwide efforts such as sponsoring children in Third World countries and in this town.  Meetings are Tuesdays after school until 3:00 pm.  Advisors -  Mrs. Diachenko and Mr. Elliott

UNIFIED THEATER - Unified Theater is designed to accommodate and support students of all abilities and disabilities through a theater experience and is student-directed, student-written and student-produced.  Meetings are Thursday after school.  Advisor - Mrs. Goeler

YEARBOOK – Yearbook committee members meet  after school.  Advisor - Mr. Franco


INTERSCHOLASTIC CROSS COUNTRY - Open to all 7th and 8th grade students.  Participants must have a signed permission slip, pay to play form and a current sport physical on file in the nurses office.  Cost is $120.00.  Practices will be held Monday through Friday from 2:30 pm - 3:45 pm. during the months of September and October.   Meets will vary.  You must arrange for a ride home or take the late bus.  Coaches - Mr. Post and Mr. Meehan

INTERSCHOLASTIC FIELD HOCKEY -  Any boy or girl who signed up for the  AMS interscholastic field hockey team -
Participants must have a signed permission slip, pay to play form and a current sport physical on file in the nurses office.  Cost is $120.00.  Practices will be held Monday through Friday during the months of September & October from 2:30 to 3:45.  Players must arrange for a ride or plan to walk home or to the library at 3:45, or take the late bus.  Players must have a mouth guard to participate. Sticks, eye wear and sock guards can be provided for those who do not own them.  If you are bringing your own equipment, equipment is to be left outside the building by the office windows.  Coaches - Mrs. Brisco and Mr. Patterson

INTRAMURALS -  All activities are open to both boys and girls in grades 7 and 8. A permission slip is required at the first meeting. These are available in the online or from each coach. All activities are from 2:30-3:50. A ride must be arranged at 3:50 or participants may take the late bus or must have permission to walk home or to the library.

Flag Football -  From 2:30 pm - 3:50 pm.  Coach - Mr. Snyder

     Grade 7 - Mondays beginning Sept. 16

     Grade 8 - Tuesdays beginning Sept. 10

Tennis - From 2:30 p.m - 3:50 pm.  Coach - Mrs. Moretti