Nova - Avon High Yearbook

    A traditional yearbook has a limited number of pages, a limited number of pictures, and little use of color because books are VERY expensive to print.  A digital, multimedia format such as DVD allows us to include more pictures and have everything in full color.  More importantly, we will be able to include audio and video clips of important events to truly capture these important moments.   All of the portrait sections of the yearbook will remain in print-form, however, so that students can sign each other's yearbooks. For approximately the same production cost and time, we will be able to include substantially more pictures and other coverage of the year with everything in full-color. 
People sometimes ask if we could duplicate all of the content that is on the DVD in the book. It would be great if we could make 3 or 4 different yearbooks so that everyone could have exactly what they prefer. Unfortunately, the primary issue is TIME. Whether the yearbook is in a DVD or a book format, it is extremely time-consuming to plan, create, and edit. The yearbook is created entirely by students who volunteer a significant amount (it can amount to hundreds of hours per year each for the various editors) of their free time to accomplish this. Every year, the staff must be trained or retrained in a variety of tasks such as photo-editing and design/layout using programs that are constantly evolving/changing. This dedicated group of students is simultaneously enrolled in difficult academic classes and involved in the leadership of a variety of other sports and clubs. As a result, there is a practical limit to what they can tackle while still creating a quality product and focusing on their own schoolwork.

- 144 page full-color hardcover book containing senior, underclass, and teacher portraits.
- The book will include 2 DVDs featuring photos, audio, and video coverage of the entire school year:
    DVD 1 will contain senior portraits, senior candids, student activities, and parent recognition ads.
    DVD 2 will contain all academic and sports coverage.

Cost is $75 for the book and 2 DVDs.  Every year, we SELL OUT and several people are unable to obtain a copy, so please order early in the year while we still have time to increase the number of copies that we have printed.  There are additional costs for options such as student-recognition ads.

DVD format:
The DVDs are intended to play on a PC or a DVD player connected to a TV.  Historically, media formats such as DVD have been long-lived. For example, the VHS tape format was introduced in 1976 and is still in use today (30 years).  The music CD format was introduced in 1980 and is still the preferred format today (26 years).  The DVD format was first introduced in 1996 and did not become widely used until around 2000.  As a result, we anticipate that the DVD format will be widely used for many years to come.  In addition, electronic media such as this can be easily transferred as new technology becomes common (e.g., 8mm movies transferred onto VHS tape or VHS tapes transferred onto DVD or music albums/cassettes converted into mp3s for IPODs). Finally, the master files are safely stored at AHS  and the DVD content can certainly be reissued by some class representatives in a newer format at a class reunion at some later date (if necessary).

Notes concerning Senior Pictures for the yearbook:
Details were emailed to your home in Spring  regarding our official yearbook photographer (MotoPhoto of Avon/Simsbury) along with a link to this page for specifications for Senior photos.  Every AHS senior is eligible for a free sitting/session at their studio with no obligation to purchase anything.  Contact MotoPhoto directly at 651-9443 to schedule an appointment.  If your photos are taken through MotoPhoto, they will automatically supply us with the necessary yearbook picture.  If your pictures are taken elsewhere, YOU must be certain that we are supplied with a digital copy (jpg format at 300 DPI) of an acceptable pose by October 1st.

Guidelines for picture/pose
-neat, somewhat-formal attire
-full color
-approximately 2.5w x 3.5h
-head size is equal to approximately 35% of the width and 35% of the height of the photo
-head and shoulders pose (with both shoulders in the picture)
-upright, forward-facing head and body (no tilts, no body-turns beyond approximately 20 degrees,  no forward-leaning, etc.)
-no hands, props, furniture, etc.
-neutral/traditional studio background similar to the blue shown in the examples below
-no shadows

Sample Portraits
Pictures should be submitted as an attachment to an email to the yearbook advisor.  We will NOT be responsible for any pictures omitted from the yearbook because they were not submitted on time or were submitted in an unacceptable format by an outside photographer.  Email the advisor (Mr. Salerni) with any additional questions.

How to Purchase a Yearbook:
Order-forms are sent home in early October and are due back by early November.  Click here to download the forms from our virtual backpack.

Senior Quotes and Messages:
Click here to submit your senior message and quote.  Please contact Mr. Salerni with any questions.