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Avon Middle school is a team organized, student-centered 7-8 middle school designed to meet the needs of young adolescents. Each grade has three academic teams; each team includes an English, social studies, science, and math teacher. With our current population of approximately five-hundred and seventy, the six teams (three in each grade) range from 90 to 100 students. Team teachers work and plan together developing opportunities to explore themes and develop academic skills. In addition, teachers meet on a daily basis to discuss the progress of their students and plan to meet the needs of each child. Our team structure also provides the basis for effective home-school relationships through frequent and meaningful communication and planning.

In addition to providing a small community of learners for our students through teaming, Avon Middle School also continues to strive towards addressing the recommendations of the Carnegie Corporation’s Turning Points 2000: Educating Adolescents in the 21st Century:

● Teach a curriculum grounded in rigorous, public academic standards for what students should know and be able to do, relevant to the concerns of adolescents and based on how students learn best.

● Use instructional methods designed to prepare all students to achieve higher standards and become lifelong learners.

● Staff middle grades schools with teachers who are expert at teaching young adolescents, and engage teachers in ongoing, targeted professional development opportunities.

● Organize relationships for learning to create a climate of intellectual development and a caring community of shared educational purpose.

● Govern democratically, through direct or representative participation by all school staff members, the adults who know the student best.

● Provide a safe and healthy school environment as part of improving academic performance and developing caring and ethical citizens.

● Involve parents and communities in supporting student learning and healthy development.

The Avon Middle School professional staff continues to focus on the district’s new five year achievement goal: To ensure student growth in critical stance, prediction and problem solving, and creative expression. As a result, teachers are involved in action research and study in higher order thinking, exploring ways for students to learn to transfer skills learned in one area of study to new and different subject areas.

In addition, our strong peer mediation program, special needs support group, and Student Council are excellent examples of programs that promote student leadership and support. Project Adventure has also become an integral part of our health, physical education, and character development program as well. Our Project Adventure ropes course, built in our own backyard, is designed to give our teachers and students experiences that build shared decision making, encouragement and support, cooperation, and risk-taking.

Students attending Avon Middle School take two class periods/day of unified arts. These classes include art, music, drama, academic enrichment, band, choir, strings, physical education, health, family and consumer science, and technology education. In addition, students choose to take either Spanish or French.

At Avon Middle School, the success of each child is ensured through our Student Assistance team, which assists teams and parents in linking appropriate services to assist students. Some of those services include special education, academic support, and reading. Our district-wide
Pupil Services Advisory Committee provides our school support and feedback regarding our programs. The Pupil Services Advisory Committee (PSAC) was created to advise the Director of Pupil Services on issues relevant to the development, implementation, and support of programs and practices that reflect the needs of students. (Please click on the highlighted abbreviation for a direct link to their web page). PSAC has been particularly helpful in its support of our inclusion of character education programs and activities. PSAC is one important way in which staff, administration, and parents can work together as partners with the community to help educate each child.

With the assistance of our strong
PTO, which promotes and fosters volunteerism and parent participation, Avon Middle School has all the necessary ingredients for being an outstanding place for young adolescents to learn: a committed, bright, and engaged faculty, an outstanding student body, a clean and healthy learning environment, and a supportive community.
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