BOE Policy: Building Use

Please read and be sure that you understand the following policies regarding the use of Avon Public Schools facilities and/or grounds:
-BOE Policy #7020 regarding community use of school buildings.
-Guidelines regarding the use of media services/equipment.
-Guidelines per Avon Fire Marshall.

Please contact the office in the appropriate building with any questions.

Denise Muller - Avon High School
Diane Gower - Avon Middle School
Cindy Nelson - Thompson Brook
Karen Martin - Roaring Brook School
Joanne Riendeau - Pine Grove School

All building use requests must be submitted via our online request system.  Please note that building-use requests must be submitted 10 days in advance of any event. Click the link below to continue.

I have read, understand and agree to abide by the above-listed policies governing use of APS buildings, grounds, and equipment.