District Curriculum PresentationsDate Posted
Kindergarten-Grade 8 English Language Arts & Math Proposed Curriculum 2014-20159/17/2014
Curriculum Standardizaton & Alignment Update to BOE7/3/2014
Presentation to the Board January 14, 2014 Virtual Learning AHS1/21/2014
Educator Evaluation Plan Overview11/27/2013
CMT/CAPT Report to Board of Education 10/21/2013
English Language Arts K-12 Curriculum review and Revision9/23/2013
Avon Middle and High School Advisory Program Board Presentation4/26/2013
Common Core State Standards Presentation Panel 2/12/20132/28/2013
2012 CMT & CAPT Summary Presentation to BOE 10/16/201310/20/2012
Avon High School's NEASC Process Presentation to the Board of Education - December 201112/21/2011
Curriculum and Instruction - May 17, 2011 Board of Education Presentation5/24/2011