AHS Athletic GuidelinesDate Posted
Athletic Spectator Guidelines (Fan Behavior)10/15/2013
Boys Basketball Guidelines (2013)7/30/2013
Boys XC Guidelines (2013)7/30/2013
Girls Basketball Guidelines (2013)7/30/2013
Wrestling Guidelines (2013)7/30/2013
Track Guidelines (2013)3/14/2013
Boys Soccer Guidelines (2012) 2/5/2013
Girls Lax Guidelines (2012)11/7/2012
Ice Hockey Guidelines11/7/2012
Field Hockey Guidelines (2012)8/28/2012
Crew Guidelines (2012)7/23/2012
Football - Choosing Captains (2012)7/23/2012
Football - Philosophy (2012)7/23/2012
Football Guidelines (2012)7/23/2012
Football Varsity Letter Guidelines (2012)7/23/2012
Girls Soccer Guidelines (2012)7/23/2012
Girls XC Guidelines (2012)7/23/2012
Volleyball Guidelines (2012)7/23/2012
Baseball Guidelines (2012)3/16/2012
Boys Golf Guidelines (2012)3/16/2012
Boys Lax Guidelines (2012)3/16/2012
Boys Lax Tryouts Grading Sheet (2012)3/16/2012
Crew Guidelines (2012)3/16/2012
Girls Golf Guidelines (2012)3/16/2012
Girls Tennis Guidelines (2012)3/16/2012
District Forms and FlyersDate Posted
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District Lunch MenusDate Posted
September Menu for Avon High School8/26/2014
September Menu for Avon Middle School and Thompson Brook School8/26/2014
September Menu for Roaring Brook Schools and Pine Grove School8/26/2014
Free and Reduced Form5/29/2014