Pupil Services Advisory Council (PSAC)






Who Are We?

We are the only organization in Avon with a combined committee of parents, teachers, students, administrators, and staff representing each school in the district.

Our organization is committed to all children in Avon.

PSAC serves as an advisory committee to the Director of Pupil Services, Dr. William Hickey, on matters pertaining to the education of all children.

We work in alliance with other groups including the District Leadership Team, PTO's, and Parks and Recreation.



The Pupil Services Advisory Council (PSAC) was formed for the purpose of advising the Director of Pupil Services on matters pertaining to the education of children.

• Committee consists of 16 members-parents, school staff and administrators
• Provides a vehicle for information to parents, staff and administration
• Identifies needs and/or brainstorms solutions or responses and resources within the district
• Acts as an advocate for communicating change and supports change agents
• Serves as a conscience, supports programs for students and serves as a liaison between the schools and the community
• Focus is on academic and non-academic priorities
• Acts as a connection between at-risk students and the community as well as a connection between the schools and community at large
• Provides research and presents information
• Has open communication with community representatives and lead community-wide initiatives to celebrate diversity of the school population and the community
• Networks to advocate and ensure the academic success of all students