Homework Advisory Council Agendas and Minutes


Charge of the Council


Organization Structure:  The Council (not a Board of Education subcommittee) Officers will be appointed by the Board of Education. 

Membership:  Will include representation from students, parents, staff, administrators and other stakeholders as selected pursuant to a process developed and implemented by the Central Administration.

Meeting Schedule:  Quarterly

I am proposing the specific tasks associated with this Council to be as follows:

  1. Review existing Board of Education Homework Policy.
  1. Review/research homework and any homework policies from other local, state and national school districts.
  1. Interview stakeholders from other local, state and national school districts.
  1. Prepare a summary of the Advisory Council’s work that will include recommendations for consideration by the Central Administration as possible revisions to the Board of Education Homework Policy.  These recommendations would be reported to the Policy Subcommittee.

Homework Advisory Council Members