College Prep Physics Syllabus

Text:Physics: (Serway & Vaughn)



1st Semester


        Motion in One Dimension (Chapter 2)

††††† Displacement, speed and velocity, acceleration, graphical analysis, falling objects


        Vectors and 2-D motion (Chapter 3)

Manipulating vectors, scalars, component and resultant vectors, projectile motion


        Newton's Laws and Forces (Chapter 4)

††††† 1st, 2nd, and 3rd laws, mass, weight, friction, net forces, inclined planes


        Work, Power, and Energy (Chapter 5)

††††† Work, power, potential and kinetic energy, conservation of energy


        Momentum and Collisions (Chapter 6)

††††† Momentum and impulse, conservation of momentum, inelastic and elastic collisions, explosions, center of gravity


        Circular Motion (Chapter 7)

Angular velocity and acceleration, rotational and linear motion, centripetal acceleration and force


        Planetary Motion (Chapter 8)

Law of universal gravitation, Keplerís laws


Departmental Midterm





        Relativity (Supplementary Materials)

††††† Special and general relativity, time dilation, space-time, black holes


        Fluids in Motion (Chapter 9)

Density, pressure, buoyancy, Bernoulliís principle


        Waves (Chapter 12)

Simple harmonic motion


        Sound (Chapter 13)

Resonance, musical instruments, beats, ear


        Electromagnetic Radiation (Chapter 14)

Light, color


        Optics (Chapters 15 & 16)

Reflection, refraction, lenses, mirrors, interference, diffraction


        Electric Forces and Electrostatics (Chapter 17)

Electric charge, Coulombís law, electrostatics


        Current electricity and DC circuits (Chapters 19 & 20)

Current, resistance, voltage, AC/DC, simple circuits, household electricity