Academic Physics Syllabus

Text: Conceptual Physics. Hewitt.


Semester One:


I.        Metric System and Simple Linear Motion [Chapter 2 in text]

††††† (Metric system/conversions, Scientific notation, Displacement vs. distance, Speed vs. velocity, Acceleration, Graphs of linear motion)


II.     Free Fall and Kinematics [Chapter 2 in text]

††††† (Free Fall, Equations of linear motion)


III.   Vectors [Chapter 3 in text]

††††† (Vectors and scalars, Adding vectors graphically and mathematically, Resultant velocity, Projectiles)


IV.   Forces [Chapters 4-6 in text]

††††† (Mass/Weight/Inertia, Newtonís laws, Friction, Air Resistance)


V.     Momentum [Chapter 7 in text]

††††† (Momentum, Impulse, Conservation of momentum, Elastic and inelastic collisions, explosions)


VI.   Work and Energy [Chapter 8 in text]

††††† (Work, Power, Kinetic and Gravitational potential and elastic potential energies, Conservation of energy, Simple machines, Efficiency)


VII.Circular Motion [Chapter 9 in text]

††††† (Rotational speed, Conversions, Centripetal acceleration and force)


VIII.          Center of Gravity and Rotation Mechanics [Chapters 10-11 in text]

††††† (Center of mass and toppling, Torque, Rotational inertia, Angular momentum)


IX.   Universal Gravitation [Chapters 12-14 in text]

††††† (Newtonís Law of Universal Gravitation, Keplerís laws, Astronomy, Cosmology)


Departmental Midterm Exam



Semester Two:


I.        Special Relativity (Chapters 15-16 in Text)

††††† (Time as the 4th dimension, Special relativity vs. general relativity, Simultaneity, Time dilation, Length contraction, Time travel)


II.     Density and Buoyancy (Chapters 18-19 in Text)

††††† (Density, Buoyant Force, Archimedes principle, Pressure in solids and liquids, Bernoulliís principle)


III.   Temperature and Heat (Chapters 21-23 in Text)

††††† (Temperature scales, Specific heat, Phase changes and latent heats, Thermal expansion, Heat transfer)


IV.   Waves and Sound (Chapters 25-26 in Text)

††††† (Simple harmonic motion, Pendulums, Wave phenomena, Resonance, Sound, Human hearing, Harmonics, Doppler effect, Sound intensity)


V.     Light and Color (Chapters 27-30 in Text)

††††† (Electromagnetic spectrum, Brightness, Color, Reflection and mirrors, Refraction and lenses, Snellís law, Total internal reflection)


VI.   Electricity (Chapter 32 in Text and supplementary materials)

††††† (Atomic Structure, Electrostatics, Charge, Current, Resistance, Batteries/generators, Ohmís law, Circuits, Power, Household electricity)


Departmental Final Exam