Phase 7 Chemistry Syllabus

Text: Chemistry and Chemical Reactivity (Kotz & Treichel)



First Semester:


1)   Measurements and Problem-Solving: (Dimensional analysis, complex-problem solving, density, graphing)  Pages 34-48


2)   Atomic Theory and Nuclear Chemistry:  (Development of atomic theory/models of the atom, nuclear reactions and applications)  Pages 56-76, 1085-1121


3)   Arrangement of Electrons in Atoms:  (Bohr and Schrodinger atoms, electron configuration, and quantum numbers)  Pages 312-376


4)   Periodic Law and Electrochemistry:  (Trends and periodic properties, ionic charge, activity series, redox reactions, batteries)  Pages 76-87, 376-391


5)   Chemical Bonding and Predicting States:  (Types of bonding, types of solids, Lewis structures, molecular geometry, intermolecular attractions, solid-liquid-gaseous states)  Pages 397-456, 593-622


6)   Chemical Formulas and Nomenclature: (Writing formulas, naming ionic-covalent-organic substances, organic chemistry)  Pages 101-131, 494-543


7)   Determining Chemical Formulas and Quantitative Uses of Chemical Formulas (e.g. Percent Composition)  Pages 135-145


8)   Chemical Equations and Reactions:  (Predicting products, writing and balancing chemical equations, types of reactions)  Pages 157-164


9)   Stoichiometry: (Gram-to gram conversions, limiting reactants, percentage yield)  Pages 207-228


Departmental Midterm Exam



Second Semester


1)   Gases: (Kinetic molecular theory, atmospheric pressure, gas laws, ideal gas law, gas stoichiometry)  Pages 546-592


2)   Solutions:  (Concentration, solution process, solubility rules, colligative properties)  Pages 654-658, 228-238, 658-696


3)   Energy and Chemical Reactions

      (Enthalpy changes, entropy, Gibbs free energy, spontaneity)  Pages 255-311, 914-935


4)   Reaction Rates (Collision theory, rate laws, half-life, catalysts)  Pages 697-748


5)   Equilibrium (Equilibrium expressions and constants, Le Chatelier's Principle)  Pages 749-793


6)   Acids and  Bases:  (Properties of acids and bases, pH, indicators, titrations, acid-base equilibria, Brønsted-Lowry theory)  Pages 794-882


7)   Precipitation Reactions (solubility product constant, Ksp)  Pages 883-913


8)   Electrochemistry (Electrochemical cells, electrolysis, oxidation-reduction reactions, batteries)  Pages 948-999


Departmental Final Exam and lab practical