CP/Honors Biology Syllabus


Text: Biology by Miller and Levine, Prentice Hall Publishers, copyright 2004


Fall Semester


Unit One The Nature of Life

Chapter 1---The Science of Biology

Chapter 2---The Chemistry of Life

Organic Compounds Lab

Investigating Catalysts and Enzymes Lab


Unit Two Cells

Chapter 7---Cell Structure and Function

Chapter 8---Photosynthesis

Chapter 9---Cellular Respiration

Chapter 10---Cell Growth and Division

Cell Microscopy Lab

Diffusion and Osmosis Lab

Chromatography Lab

Molasses and Yeast Lab and CAPT Lab Prompt

CAPT Persuasive Essay on Stem Cell Funding


Unit Three Genetics

Chapter 11---Introductions to Genetics

Chapter 12---DNA and RNA

Chapter 13---Genetic Engineering

Chapter 14---The Human Genome

Lego Investigation into Critter Genetics

DNA Extraction Lab

Paper Plasmid Biotechnology Lab

Using Gel Electrophoresis to Solve a Crime Lab


Unit Four Evolution

Chapter 15---Darwins Theory of Evolution

Chapter 16---Evolution of Populations

Chapter 17---The History of Life

Modeling a Gene Pool Lab

Simulation of Evolutionary Processes Lab


*******Departmental Mid-term*********


Spring Semester


Unit Five Population Biology

Chapter 5---Populations

CAPT Lab Prompt on Human Population Dynamics


Unit Six Microorganisms

Chapter 19---Bacteria and Viruses

Bacterial Scavenger Hunt Lab

Investigating Staph aureus Lab

Outbreak Simulation



Unit Seven The Human Body

Chapter 35The Nervous System

Chapter 36---Skeletal, Muscular, and Integumentary Systems

Chapter 37---Circulatory and Respiratory Systems

Chapter 38---Digestive and Excretory Systems

Chapter 39---Endocrine System

Chapter 40---The Immune System and Disease

Reaction Lab

Taste Lab

Muscles, Bones and Joints Lab

Transdermal Patch Lab

Lung Volume Lab

The Effect of Exercise on the Rate of Cellular Respiration Lab

Digestion Lab

Comparative Anatomy Lab

Human Body Project


**********Departmental Final Exam*********