Anatomy and Physiology Syllabus



Text:  Elaine Marieb Essentials of Human Anatomy & Physiology, 6th or 7th edition

All page referrals are for the 6th edition.  Any page numbers for the 7th edition are in parentheses. 



  Chapter 1:  The Human Body:  An Orientation

Read text pgs. 2-11, 15-16 (2-11, 16)

Discuss systems of the body.

Movie:  The Universe Within



   Chapter 2:  Basic Chemistry

Read text pgs. 34-48 (28-29, 36-50)

Discuss inorganic chemistry (water and pH) and organic molecules of the body.

Lab:  Energy in Foods


Cells and Cellular Metabolism

   Chapter 3:  Cells

Read text pgs. 54, 61-67, 70-71 (56, 66-71, 88-89)

Discuss cell membranes and cancer.

Lab:  Chronobiology


Test on chemistry and cells (Chaps. 1-3)


Body Tissues

   Chapter 3:  Tissues

Read text pgs. 74-87 (77-90)

Discuss 4 tissue types.


 Integumentary System

Chapter 4:  Skin and Body Membranes

A.  Read text pgs. 92-107 (96-111)

B.  Discuss of skin layers and functions.

C.  Lab:  Skin Sensitivity


Skeletal System

   Chapter 5:  The Skeletal System

Read text pgs. 112-120, 143-149 (116-124, 145-154)

Skeleton handout:  name the bones and joints for a quiz.

Discuss bone structure and function and bone growth.


  Test on tissues, skin and bones (Chaps. 3-5) 


Muscular System

  Chapter 6:  The Muscular System

Read text pgs. 154-168  (162-175)

Discuss muscle types, structure and contraction.

Lab:  Muscle fatigue


Test on the muscles (Chap. 6)


Nervous System

  Chapter 7:  The Nervous System

Read text pgs. 194-217, 229 (202-228, 241)

Discuss the neuron and nerve impulse, and the brain and spinal cord. 

Lab:  Which brain are you?

Lab:  Reflexes

Lab:  Equilibrium

Movie on the Endocrine System

Lab:  Diabetes


Test on the nervous system (Chap. 7)


Cardiovascular System

  Chapter 10:  The Blood

Read text pgs. 294-309 (308-321)

Discuss plasma, cells and blood clotting.

Lab:  Blood typing


Chapter 11:  The Cardiovascular System

A.  Read text pgs. 314-327, 338-346 (328-342, 351-360)

B.  Discuss heart structure, heart beat, blood pressure and circulation.

C.  Lab:  Blood Pressure and Pulse

D.  Lab:  Kidney Function


Test on the blood and cardiovascular system (Chaps. 10-11)


Respiratory System

  Chapter 13:  The Respiratory System

Read text pgs. 386-407 (404-426)

Discuss lung structure and breathing.

Movie:  Respiratory system


Test on the respiratory system (Chap. 13)