Special Education


The AMS Special Education Department is dedicated to providing students identified as requiring special education with the academic, social-emotional, and behavioral supports needed to become successful life-long learners. We strive to create specially designed instruction that is high quality, individualized, and promotes student success.
In order to achieve these goals, we believe that home-school collaboration is essential in helping students attain their personal best. The three major components of a successful educational program include parents, teachers, and students working together for a common goal. Parents are valued partners in the Planning and Placement Team (PPT) process, which is designed to identify students eligible to receive special education and design Individualized Education Plans (IEPs).Special education and general education faculty and staff members also work closely to foster learning environments that support students in their work toward attaining Avon standards. We are committed to working together to help your student be successful!


Additional resources for parents can be found in the links below:

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Parent's Guide to Special Education in CT
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Special Education Parent/Teacher Association (SPETA)

Staff Contacts

Name Phone Job Title
Tiffany Gooding (860) 404-4770 School Psychologist
Dianne Lester (860) 404-4770 Teacher Speech & Language
Karen Nissim (860) 404-4770 Teacher Special Education
Christopher Meehan (860) 404-4770 Teacher Special Education
Sarah Parsons (860) 404-4770 Teacher Special Education
Alison Peterson (860) 404-4770 Teacher Special Education
Caitlin Suchenski (860) 404-4770 School Psychologist
Gina Carchidi (860) 404-4770 Teacher Special Education
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