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2013-14 Sports Information

Fall Sports - 2014

Football -Conditioning practice starts on Wed., August 13 th
B/G Cross Country - Sat. Aug. 23
B/G Soccer - Sat. Aug. 23
Volleyball - Sat. Aug. 23
Field Hockey - Sat. Aug. 23
Cheerleading - Wed. Aug 13th
Crew - Sat. Aug. 23


All athletic Physicals must be updated and receive verification from the Nurses offices before 1st practice.  Form will be given to coach at first practice by athlete.  

Download Parental Permission Form and Emergency Information Form, fill out with parental signature and submit to coach on first day of practice.  Forms must be submitted or athlete will not be able to practice.

All athletes must submit your Pay to Participate Form (with payment if applicable) to the Athletic Dept. withing 10 days of the start of the first practice.  If athletes have an individual cap, family cap or waiver, all must submit the forms within the given deadlines or they will not be able to practice or participate.  Do not give the form or payment to the coach! Crew must not submit the $110 through the District Pay Pal account.  Pay Pal is only for $175 Pay to Participate fees.

Parent/Coaches Fall Pre-Season Forum - TBA

Athletic Trainer:

Our Certified Athletic Trainer this year is Alison O'Connor. She is normally at the school b/w 1:30 & 2:00 pm. Alison's presence at practices and home games will be prioritized depending upon the probabilty of potential injury. She can be contacted @: (860)404-4740 x 1275 or by email @: aoconnorvsp@jockdoctors.com. Please see her website, linked at the left, for detailed information.
General Information:
Busses will normally leave the High School at 2:45pm and practices for our off site teams with practice being held generally from 3:00 - 5:00.div>
TeTeams practicing on site - practices will normally be from 2:30 - 4:30.
Student Athletes must realize that they are expected to participate in every practice and contest during the regular season. Parents should avoid scheduling family vacations during your son or daughters athletic season. Athletes who do miss practices or contests due to vacations or other activities should expect to have playing time altered. Coaches will address this with their teams.
Accessing Interior School Area:
Anyone entering the Avon High School and accessing areas that are closed, may be subject to administrative discipline and police action. There are no interior athletic facilities open to the public or the student body unless approved by the administation with supervision provided. Police take notice.
Home Game Prices:
Admission to all games: $5 per adult and $3 per student/senior citizen
Transporting Athletes:
Any parent wanting to transport their child to or from an athletic event where a bus has been provided must contact the coach, explain the emergency, and obtain a parental form (click forms on the left menu). One copy of this form must be submitted to the Athletic Department with another copy going to the coach.
Team Contact Info and Schedules:
-Choose TEAMS from the left menu
Pay To Participate Info:
Choose PAY TO PARTICIPATE from the left menu to read the policydiv>
Choose FORMS from the left menu to download the form which must be submitted, with payment, ten days after the first practice. If an individual or a family cap occurs, it is required to submitt the form with the cap indicated.
The following 3 documents must be turned into coaches by day 1 of tryouts. Coaches CANNOT allow any student to play unless they complete and hand in these documents:div>
1-Sports Physical pass can be obtained from the nurses if you have an up-to-date physical on file with their office. Download the SPORTS EXAM FORM from the FORMS folder on the left menu and bring it to the nurse's office.
2-Permission Form can be downloaded from the FORMS folder on the left menu.
3-3-Emergency Card can be downloaded from the FORMS folder on the left menu.
Parenting Your Student Athlete:
-Please take the time to watch this informative video
NCAA Eligibility FAQ:
-Click here to find out more
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Greg Ferry
Director of Athletics
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